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just remembered not everyone is gay. day ruined

my landlords can go to hell for charging us $15/mo for utilities in addition to our actual utility bill, which also includes an almost 10% fee for property/non-resident utilities

thinking about how last year i decided to come out for coming out day and then i realized that as soon as i had decided to do that it meant i was okay with coming out so i just came out immediately without waiting for coming out day

why would i buy guitar pedal when i have computer

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they should make a thing where its like discord except it works

love when the bus just doesnt come

the way latex documents look makes me feel warm and fuzzy

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me: i need to stop making todo list items that are broad and unachievable
also me: todo list item: gender?

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dear food manufacturers who add dye to food: go to hell

it is current year and you still cannot adjust text size on webpages without changing the viewport

trollface is underrated. bring back trollface

my favorite teams feature is when i get a message and don't get any notification for it

i cant believe fruit is actually good and ive just not liked it my whole life because i had never tried frozen fruit

i forgot that i can barely read a single sentence in a homework assignment when i dont have adderall

professors love assigning absurd amounts of work for 1 credit classes

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