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schools be like "youre neurodivergent? just neuroconverge lol"

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just remembered not everyone is gay. day ruined

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if writer block when nothing to write than i am having writer sphere

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:bing: blahaj prices

:bing:​ where does blahaj ship to

:bing: how much time normally spent with blahaj

:bing: blahaj affecting relationship?

:bing: how to respond to divorce papers lawyer seattle area

how to tell colleges to slow the fuck down and just because they accepeted me does not mean i now want 5 emails a day

a guide to zoomer lingo

- "based" is when something is good
- "ironic" is when something is funny
- "1984" is when something is bad

squeezes BLÅHAJ Soft toy, shark, 39 ¼" from IKEA

alternate universe where people complain that they cant use "anarchy" to describe mad max because everyone confuses it for the political ideology

friendship ended with electron, now kiosk mode is my best friend

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me, who just started singing two months ago and playing guitar a month ago: "omg why are these people so much better than me 😭"

fucked up that my friend got diagnosed with "sexual relationship disorder" when she was like 12 for being a lesbian

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caps, meme 


"Just download 800kB of pixels for a joke that you read"
"It's okay, there's alt text"
"We have a CDN"
- statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

"Content-Type: image/jpeg"
They have played us for absolute fools.

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the TL is thinking about gender which means I'm thinking about gender but I have a meeting in two minutes

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if you were god the amount of situation irony would be unreal

steven remove mascara before napping challenge

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