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if writer block when nothing to write than i am having writer sphere

wait people actually say "folx"... i thought that was a meme

simply having a wonderful christmas time

the frequency of me posting "me at (early time)/me at (time between 1-5 am)" is concerning

me at 6 pm: oh boy i better start going to sleep a bit earlier so i can wake up early for school on monday

me at 4:30: hmm.. _starts first track of the black parade_

selfie ec, interact+ 

first time doing da makeup

everyone gangsta til mom finds the skirt


i want to hug my friends

rust make the program more fun to write even if it take 100x longer

current mood: starting code comments with "ok so basically"

me 3 minutes ago: _brainstorming what 9 year old me would make a meme about_

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my aesthetic is putting top and bottom text on panel memes

@ben explain how you favorite toots so fast. do you just have like a bot which auto favorites any toot that mentions you

current hobby: moving the bot which constantly plays mariah carey's 1994 #1 hit single "all i want for christmas is you" into a voice channel with a bunch of people in it

current mood: converting all my friends into gay godless communists

the "error" was invented on july 7th 2010


i wish my mom would leave the house for like a bunch of hours so i can steal her makeup

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