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schools be like "youre neurodivergent? just neuroconverge lol"

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just remembered not everyone is gay. day ruined

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if writer block when nothing to write than i am having writer sphere

calling mcdonalds a resturant is pretty charitable

minor deltarune ch2 spoiler 

toby fox: makes one character capitalize every word they say

me: holy shit he made this character capitalize every word they say. this guys a fuckin genius

i should have a listen to music during assessments accomodation. they should give me that

me normally: "systemd isnt perfect but the people who are so passionately against it are just unix reactionaties"

me when systemd makes me wait 1m30s for something: "systemd is monolithic bloat that needs to be replaced right now"

having seasonal allergies is bad during covid time because you do the nose snort thing to clear the back of your nose once and everyone thinks you have the plague

there is a 1:1 correlation between me wearing my pcpartpicker /r/buildapc giveaway shirt and me being a virgin

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how to find people on campus who are actually interested in computers and not "i know how to code python" and "i only care about computers because of an internship or whatever"

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making fun of the prof on groupme is the highest form of bonding

my gender is minecraft formatting code §k

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So it looks like Amazon has its tentacles ready to take over Rust.

The company is slowly adding its own members to the Rust team in an attempt to leverage governance. Amazon employees are badmouthing the original Rust team, and articles are being released to manufacture consent for Rust being an Amazon project.

Capital tryna take away my gay crab language.

reddit post: "my boyfriend forgot our anniversary"

comments: "break up immediately. kill him maybe"

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