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schools be like "youre neurodivergent? just neuroconverge lol"

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just remembered not everyone is gay. day ruined

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if writer block when nothing to write than i am having writer sphere

identity-first terms dont really work for adhd either

ADHDer 😐

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PL papers: "C, a low-level language"
OS papers: "C, a high-level language"
security papers: "C, the bane of my existence and the cause of everything bad in the universe"

google probably has the best among us identification machine and they are keep it from us. they make us find the amoguses in things manually instead of giving us their computer to do it for us

dear gender fluid people: how do you prevent yourself from just taking a slurp of the gender fluid every once and a while

why does the damn starbucks care if my name is spelled with a v or a ph if youre gonna spell it the same

being an adult is so powerful i can do whatever i want

i can go to waffle house in toledo at 5:30 am and who will stop me

feel so clean like a money machine ya feel so clean like a


  • Become noctural


  • Destroy capitalism

they just deprecated it and made a new function

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bruh y2k was never fixed in javascript this cant be real

i take back everything i hate programming magic. i will be writing everything in assembly from now on


100 gecs makes me feel like i just killed someone but in like a good way

Nintendo E3 Day 1 Recap:

  • BOTW 2 is given a name: Kingdom of Darkness
  • Main mechanic is that the left joycon controls Zelda and the right joycon controls the other one
  • "We were playing Ice boy and Lava girl and said that 'shits fire yo lol' so we put it in our game" - Doug Bowser
  • Requires Nintendo Switch Online to play over the internet, however you must activate it specifically for Kingdom of Darkness by calling Nintendo Support and reading them the 25 digit serial code from the back of your Switch, followed by typing it in on your mobile phone. If you are under the age of 25 you need parental consent and 3 letters of recommendation

im so sick of defending my existence

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