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schools be like "youre neurodivergent? just neuroconverge lol"

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just remembered not everyone is gay. day ruined

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if writer block when nothing to write than i am having writer sphere

why do cis people always do the full pronoun like she/her/hers like u know you can just do the first 2 right we all know what the third one is

type theory? oh you mean like ints and stuff. yeah i know a couple things about that

gecs concert was fucjing based the new album is going to be fire

reading wikipedia articles about people you know is weird

evil will toledo: like hammering in nails with the front of a hammer

whenever i talk about "adults" im talking about anybody who talks to me like i am a child (which is basically anyone over the age of like 28)

if i middle click on a button on your website and it opens a new tab that says javascript:void(0); i'm literally going to kill you

sometimes i feel like i write a really long and rambly paper that doesnt firmly make any points and then i get full marks on it

what happened with signal again i forgot

wasnt web 3.0 cool what happened did it get stolen by weird crypto people

history ended when the deez nuts vine came out

even queer people trip over their words trying to say it out loud it takes so long

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i am begging people to just say queer instead of lgbtqia2s+ i cant take it anymore

OK Theres Nothing Wrong With Him He's Just Annoying

lewd joke 

licensing my girlcock under GPLv3 or later

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