mh, parents 

since when is everyone suddenly an expert on mental health? if i went to the doctors and they said "you show some symptoms of cancer, we should schedule a proper diagnosis" i dont think anyone would say "no you dont have cancer theres no way youre doing fine" but if my therapist says "you show some symptoms of adhd, we should schedule a proper diagnosis" suddenly my parents know all about adhd and are saying "no you dont have adhd theres no way your grades are good and you dont have the symptoms"

mh, parents 

@132ikl God fuck my mum did that to me. After *several* of my ADHD friends mentioned to me that y'know maybe I might be ADHD too, I said that to my mum and she dismissed it because I was never "bouncing off the walls" as a child. Apparently she forgot that "attention deficit" is part of ADHD too.

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