the year is 2021. there is still no good way to send someone a file

@132ikl > Just email it
< No it's bigger than *arbitrary size imposed by one or both email providers*. Dropbox?
> I don't have a dropbox. Google Drive.
< Doesn't like the file type. Airdrop?
> I don't have Apple. Bluetooth file share?
< ... can't connect. no wait. Uhh.. it's not sending.
> Just put it on a USB drive and air mail it.
< Oh this is USB A, I only have USB C.
> What if we destroy the universe?

@132ikl Actually I had to do this recently with a bunch of very large files and just used bittorrent. Worked a treat.

@wilbowma it only gets better when you have to get files from someone less technically inclined...

@wilbowma @132ikl there’s things like and, which are easy to use and free, but do (understandably, since they’re public) have a size limit — but at least 2GiB is larger than most email-limits (though one could host their own instance without one, but unless you’re the sort of person running a single-account fedi instance I guess that doesn’t fit into “easy solution”)

@132ikl USB stick by post is still the most reliable method, and it makes me sick

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