its kind of weird that theyre called feminine products when i, a certified feminine female has no need for them. whats up with that

@132ikl the products are feminine, theyre not neccessarily for feminine people

@deletescape oh that makes sense. im glad the products are in touch with their gender identities

@132ikl we will now call them B L O O D P R O D U C T S

@132ikl vibrators are pussy products. they don't sell those in bathroom dispensers

@132ikl I don't THINK they sell them in bathroom dispensers...

@ionchy not if i have anything to say about it

@ionchy the pussy product part not the bathroom dispenser part

@132ikl furthermore, some men need to use feminine products ! i think the naming is just wrong

@haskal @132ikl the clear issue here is this "gender" thing that people keep on talking about

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