the accommodations universities are able to give are fundamentally unequipped to properly address the difficulties of having a disability but like it's better than nothing at all i guess lol

my accommodations do nothing to help the fact that sometimes i just forget things. i forgot to turn in assignment until an hour after the due date even though it was done, and there is absolutely nothing my accommodations can do about that


and it's so frustrating because there's such a simple solution to this. here it is: grade the assignment anyways

if the assignment isn't submitted by the time you grade okay sure but like otherwise it requires literally 0 extra effort on the behalf of instructors to do this but they just won't. especially when it's an online/computer graded assignment, it makes literally ZERO difference whether i submit an assignment before the due date or three weeks later if a fucking computer is grading it

if reducing/eliminating the penalty for submitting after deadlines makes people not do the assignment then there is some deeper fundamental personal issue there and that is not my problem to be quite honest

@132ikl "but youll have to learn to finish stuff in time for your job too!!!"

well guess what 'having a disability' means

@132ikl it might be worth talking to your professors? my ling professor at the start of term explicitly told the class he doesn't mind us turning in his assignments late as long as it's before he grades them, because he wouldn't have gotten through university himself if his professors didn't accept late work

even if the system is kinda shit individual professors may be sympathetic

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