i need a cool email signature so bad

i think ive mentioned this before but one of the cs professors here has a signature that's just >>>bill<<<

its so simple and iconic and i need something like that so bad. fuck all these complicated email signatures

it also has such "i dont give a fuck" energy in its simplicity that i need but it's also not like specific to computer touchers



APL uses ⍝ to indicate a comment up to the end of the line.
For example:
⍝ Now add the numbers:
c←a+b ⍝ addition
In dialects that have the ⊣ ("left") and ⊢ ("right") primitives, comments can often be inside or separate statements, in the form of ignored strings

@ersei @132ikl honestly whoever came up with APL syntax had to be high


{- this is a comment
on more lines -}

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