i hope whoever designed company phone menus that have no way of talking to an actual human has a horrible rest of their life

what is even the point of having a phone menu that will just read me the same information that i could find online but much, MUCH slower

while also constantly interjecting about things i do not give literally a single shit about. bonus points if it's related to COVID and outdated

@132ikl bonus points if there is no "otherwise" option and every option is unrelated to the thing you're calling the phone line for

@132ikl also, you have to stay on the line. what the fuck? it costs you so little to simply call people back?

@132ikl BONUS points for phone lines that alternate between "your expected wait time is three hours. please stay on the line" and "we are experiencing a high volume of call traffic. goodbye"

(brought to you by me trying to renew my passport)

@jj this happened to me when trying to call the IRS and also occasionally they would offer to call you back but not always????? sometimes you would just have to hold??

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