ssh is one of my favorite pieces of software. its so good

its kind of epic that no one has misgendered me or even acknowledged that im trans at work

@AgathaSorceress i read this as ic2 car seat headrest for some reason

i hate killing scary bugs but my fear of them always outweighs my guilt over killing them

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You've heard a lot about trolls online, about their vital role in protecting bridges, and the many and varied dangers they pose to tourists and other trespassers, but did you know that trolls all have distinctive typing styles, often known as "typing quirks"?

#feditips #fedifacts

recounting of slightly odd events that just happened 

was walking outside and there was some group of kids (like 8-10yr olds) and i passed them because they were walking slow and then when i was like 20 ft away one of them started yelling like "hey!" and whistling and i cant tell if they were trying to get my attention but also i have no idea who they would be trying to call. and then i just walked into the store i was going to but its like man what was that. were they just going to try to talk to me or something. also if some 30+ year old person around here saw me, a trans girl, talking to a bunch of children i feel like theres like a 50% chance theyre going to think im like a predator or something

set up a script to send a notification on my host system when a remote command finishes and using sshrc it works on any remote machine with no fuss :flonshed:

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part of what makes car seat headrest so based is that will toledo is just some guy but also makes like really serious and incredible art. like 100 gecs are also obviously just normal people but they also don't make super serious music, same with mac demarco, and like most artists that make really serious art seem to have like some persona but will toeldo is just some guy

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the [thing i was previously] to [thing i am now] pipeline

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re: agatha, personal experience 

@AgathaSorceress i think this is just what happens to neurotypicals with no hobbies or passions that move into a single family home and then go to work 9-5 and then come home and eat dinner and watch tv and go to bed. like yeah obviously high school/elementary school/whatever was better for you because school easier when youre neurotypical and you got to see friends every day

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