at a sleepover and my friends parents started waking up right before i went to bed

happy 1 year anniversary to

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hackernews sounds cool til you find out its neither of those things


sometimes i do be self hating and really insecure especially about my art and projects

help i poured a half gallon of whole milk on my bed

hat in time 

@ida WHAT....... that is so cool.....

hat in time 

@ida are you a speed run er :flonshed:

if you like rock/indie/etc you should check out this album (disclaimer: i helped mix it)

its a pretty new band and not groundbreaking but i like a lot of it and figured i'd share it. i recommend checking out storm and what it couldve been. endless summer if you like more upbeat stuff

the only decent thing to do in suburbia at night is go to parks or something

@hazel at the very least my campus is vaccination required

trolling the irs by keeping orderly records of every tax related form ive filled it so when they come to get money from me i can tell them to fuck off

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