finally bought a screwdriver set so i can stop stripping every device i own

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why do i have so many cool ideas for projects to work on EXCEPT when i have time to do projects?

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I created an interesting new (free, web-based) puzzle app for mobile devices (works best on iPads, less-well-to-not-at-all on other devices). Want to try some challenging puzzles that blend spatial reasoning and manual dexterity? Just Slide to Unlock!

i tried to log into my twitter account and for some reason their confirmation code email bounced from my mailserver and at first i thought it might be an issue on my side but then i thought about how i haven't been missing any other emails and the hell hole that is twitter right now and honestly it's probably their side

@jj this happened to me when trying to call the IRS and also occasionally they would offer to call you back but not always????? sometimes you would just have to hold??

while also constantly interjecting about things i do not give literally a single shit about. bonus points if it's related to COVID and outdated

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what is even the point of having a phone menu that will just read me the same information that i could find online but much, MUCH slower

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i hope whoever designed company phone menus that have no way of talking to an actual human has a horrible rest of their life

the amount of things in python stdlib that are just like "pass in some magic string" instead of an enum is honestly horrifying

yeah i have to engineer my way through social situations i dont see what the big deal about cybersecurity or whatever is

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social engineering? you mean like when im masking or scripting?

@AgathaSorceress actually apparently according to mcwiki it was an early 1.7 snapshot

@AgathaSorceress i might play this at some point, its made by una sleepingtown and addresses a lot of the Jank:

@AgathaSorceress every time i open an old version of minecraft and realize theres no ctrl sprinting i lose a piece of my soul

@AgathaSorceress every time i try to play old modpacks the accumulation of jank and lack of bare minimum QoL improvements makes it hard to want to keep playing

@AgathaSorceress oh theres a new logo lmao. i tried looking it up but didnt find anything so i thought you were just talking about the latest iteration and then i scroll 2 posts and there it is lmao

@AgathaSorceress sometimes my brain doesnt parse the bird's eyes and i see the logo as an envelope with blue hair

i wish there was a button to hide serious posts from my timeline because you know sometimes i just want to see some goofs and gaffs

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