spends 4 hours on adding tiny graphics to my latex resume

"yes. this is why theyll hire me"

the beatles are still the biggest musical act of all time and half of their catalog sounds like it was mixed by an absolute amatuer, how did this even happen

condensation on my glasses when wearing mask makes me violent

if u your semver (or semver in spirit) version number is v2.0 you need more significant digits

@wilbowma it doesnt have that capability but if you wanted to hack into it a bit then it would be safe (and trivial) to blindly change the notify function to download the podcast since all the "do x thing with new update" logic is relegated to that function

@videogame_hacker if u use then u have to send picture of it runing on your machine :dragnowo:

@videogame_hacker yea no porblem

(if u do actauly use this u have to send picture . . )

hi everyone i rewrote my rss notifier so if you ever want to subscribe to rss feeds but dont use an rss reader then i have the solution for u


@wilbowma i am literally finishing up rewriting it in python rn

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