@AgathaSorceress my work profile picture is a selfie i took and manually removed the blue glare in my glasses from my phone screen and then also extended a little bit so that i actually fit when it does the circle crop

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"so are you a girlboyfriend or a boygirlfriend"

"i have to pick????"

@coesor ive get around this kind of issue by carefully sliding up and THEN right from the left edge of the screen

i never understood how you could just drink broth after you finish eating soup until i had good japanese food

@agentultra same, i already spend enough time doing the latter

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🔍 dasharezone admin gender
🔍 is skeleton a gender
🔍 skeleton pronoun's

@agentultra yea i have seen this before although my problem is when im trying to do a cover and need to write in a certain fill and if im songwriting i want to write my own fills and not whatever the autodrummer spits out lol

i really need to eat more real food and less things that take less than 5 minutes to prepare

@david theyre trying to tell you your top 5 tracks

at that point i may as well just go to the thrift store

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how come none of the stores i go to regularly have gym shorts. i dont want to have to go to the damn mall to buy gym shorts

so far the best i've found is babydrummer, it might actually end up being all i need, i originally was hoping for something with a more ergonomic way to do fills but i just realized that you could have a second instance of babydrummer just for fills which might solve all of my problems

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lmao someone posted a thread on reddit and someone replied with "not sure, maybe this talk could help" and the op was like "yeah i was there"

i dont have the spoons for that to be quite honest

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do people actually wash their water bottle often

also why are there so few sequencer plugins that arent also drum machines like the best sequencer and the best drum machine are going to be mutually exclusive

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@agentultra yea im looking for a software thing rather than a hardware thing. im slowly coming the conclusion that i either do not know how to find what im looking for or what im looking for doesnt exist and i would have to make it and i already have enough music+computer projects on my plate

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