i dont think ever in my entire life ever have i wanted my window to go all the way down after pressing the window down button a little

making a fedi instance where i ban people for completely random things like saying sheesh

(not as like a commentary or whatever i just think it would be funny to make an instance where your only goal is to not get banned)

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i really do not care how hard it is for you to refer to people using they/them pronouns like its really not that fucking hard and that sounds like your own damn problem

@WindchimesAreGay please be fake please please dont do this to bingus

adhd freelancers, how do you remember to stop your timer after stopping working

i never actually use the tiling features but i basically always have a window in fullscreen and predefined workspaces so a floating window manager isnt useful

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i feel like theres probably something better than my needs than a tiling window manager but a tiling window manager happens to work 99% of the time

covid vaccine 

@nonphatic oh im trippin johnson and johnson is the 1 shot one

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