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had a dream that i forgot where all my classes were


sleep depriving myself today so i can sleep deprive myself a small bit less tomorrow

person b: ok then you think things are good as they are

person a: no definitely not

person b:

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person a: communism doesnt work because <human nature|devolves into monarchy|no iphone|100 billion> dead but complete free market capitalism doesnt work either thats why you need middle ground

person b: so you are suggesting that we do some free market reforms and implement social democratic policy

person a: what the fuck no


when will they start using real chickens in chicken in a biscuit. im sick of this artificial shit


anyone else get bad dysphoria when seeing poorly applied makeup or is that just me

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@xnx38h me: [types in a 40 character xkcd-style password with only letters]


had a dream the other day that i was in private school again

it was a nightmare

tearing apart the magnet field with my hands the same way an eva tears apart an AT field

fuck one's complement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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all of the main programming subs are dominated by beginners or techbros which is really annoying

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i love to beat myself up for not knowing how to do things before i've learned how to do them

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