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anyone selling an electric guitar (boost+)

thinking about that one time i tried to sell pop rocks on ebay

cool water on my brow can cool me down. i am cold

anyone else following the nervous young man survivor on the csh sub and if so does anyone know wtf is going on

why are the christains so mad he didnt actually fuck satan. im actually disappointed

selfie ec, boost/fav swag 

hey yall im winnin

why would you do calculus when you can just use python

so when were yall going to tell me that the tracklist for madlo on vinyl is way better than digital

yall ever just

cp /usr/share/licenses/common/AGPL3/license.txt ./LICENSE
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love too use {} syntax liberally in bash

for instance, changing extension of a file:
mv foo.{txt,md}

making any discord i write stateless was a good idea considering the kind of uptime i provide

using a discord bot as a free cloud database

lewd joke 

sorry sweetie i only fuck people who play the guitar

stop doing nfts

we already had a system for that it was called owning a domain

someone at matador: will toledo you cant put part of a neil young song in your song

will toledo: ok just reverse it lmao


almost forgot to cook my food again

the only time i've ever written a program is on the ap computer science a frq section

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