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working my second job at my first job to make $21.50 an hour

after captioning that image i posted a while ago am now realizing how useful "soweli" is and how clunky "cute animal" is in english

nd things 

"why dont you just remember its so easy just like set a reminder on your phone or something"

wow gee i didnt think of that thanks

dont read into this it is about oyster crackers

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was it a good choice: n
would i do it again: y


i feel like me and all my friends look and act like children but everyone else in my age group looks and acts like adults

if anyone wants stuff for car seat headrest that isnt on spotify let me know and i'll send you the uh.... minecraft parodies of it

on the one hand:

  • housing with computer people

on the other hand:

  • housing with gender people

i think im about to be pissed. you guys left me here driving around in this town

i should finally make a blog too and write an article about those times malware got uploaded to my fileserver

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have to take a picture for tinder (housing roommate edition) today

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

this calls us out too much😭😂

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thinking about that time my girlfriend made a meme, posted it to reddit, i saw it and downloaded it, sent it to her and she didn't tell me that she was the one who made it until we were going through her reddit account and i was like "wait YOU made that post??"

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