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Vterm needs `vterm-module' to work. Compile it now? (y or n)

my programming language board 

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if the system youve put in place to normalize asking for/giving pronouns doesn't leave a quiet, subtle option for people to abstain, you have made the space u r curating absolutely miserable for questioning and closeted trans ppl

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anyone who thinks that a billion lions could defeat all of the pokemon is actually tripping bro

"oh but its a lot of lions!" bro pokemon can literally shoot fire and summon meteor showers and shit youre literally so wrong

[download speed 0.5 MB/s]

huh... that's weird. wifis slow today

realizes that i'm on 2.4GHz

oh, let me switch back to the 5GHz network

[download speed 25 MB/s]

ok then

society has moved past the need for "bless you"

[small doge with propeller hat]

oh boy i sure do love being a kid with adhd that wouldnt be diagnosed for another 12 years. i sure do hope none of my peers call me "weird" and adults don't tell me i "just need to work harder"

bro i just made a furnace smelt like 10 items a second. with a fuckin rat

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rats mod is my new favorite minecraft mod

theres a lot of leniency on the msu math placement exam

the score needed to get into calc 1 (the highest class you can place into from the placement exam) is 19/30 and i got a 27/30

emojis are actually so useful for communication over text and its a shame that in my attempt to be cool and ironic i didn't use them for so long

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