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lewd adj 

drawing fake clothes over pornstars who are already wearing clothes in the image


you cant just compare political ideologies and horse breeds like that

there is a device running java within 8 feet of you at all times

:ddg: bingus cat image egyptian cat skinned cat bingus cat image

spanga tech tip (cw: food) 

put milk and butter into microwavable mac n cheese bowls to make them taste like real mac n cheese :3

sick of scooping bugs up and putting them outside with a wood stick or whatever i need a fuckin bug net

akesi no longer means un-cute

we did it reddit

the fact that someone just referred to 2 years after my year of birth as "about 20 years ago" is fucked up and twisted

i will never start a project, buy all the stuff for it, and then have a much better project idea the next day and have to buy a more project stuff because i have no self control

why are all the functional programming people talking about marxism leninism these days

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