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artists be like "oh its not perfect its actually not good its really bad honestly i didnt even try you shouldnt even look at this honestly im going to throw it in an incinerator and im terrible and quitting forever" and you look at it and its indistinguishable from a photo of what they drew

i mean ill probably still keep playing it forever regardless but thats kind of wack

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is minecraft just going to be updated for like, forever

selling an nft of the deed to squidwards house

its werid seeing people use the mii channel theme as a standin for copyrighted music when just like 4 years ago nintendo was absolutely tyrannical about anyone making videos with their games or music

having one notebook and just writing in it is really bad if i ever need to find anything but is very good for getting me to actually do things and also not carrying around a million notebooks

gonna wreck my ears from listening to music with one headphone in at full volume in public

you guys think the new bdg songs a metaphor for something

you ever make a small social blunder and then decide you can never talk to that person again because they probably hate you or something

actually im fine with being in computers i just dont want everyone and their mother to also be going into computers

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if i wasnt so invested in computers i would get the fuck out of this field but its too fuckin late

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why are so many people going into computers ugh i never asked to be a computer person

yall ever get a ta so good youre just like got dam

everyone gangsta til your terminal is hardware accelerated and you cant open your terminal after upgrading nvidia drivers

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god why did i ever buy an nvidia card

sometimes i want to go to but firefox autocomplete is being slow so i'll end up searching "t"

statistics about music you listen to or games you play or whatever is so fun for some reason and i have literally no idea why

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yea

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