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CW: Food brands connected to strike boycott. 

Kelloggs workers are on strike. While most of their stuff is in the breakfast cereal aisle, here's the things that aren't:

* Carr's
* Townhouse
* Cheez-its
* Pringles
* Gardenburger
* IncogMeato.
* Joybol
* Morningstar Farms

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holy crab ive been on types pl for over a year

nonbniary people be like fuck it my name is one letter

adderall hits different. wrote an essay before adderall and it took like 45 minutes and i was super uninspired and then i took adderall and wrote another essay for the same class and just fucking flew through it

referencing the constitution of the united states in a course paper

new monad patch just dropped

* option is no longer a monad
* a monad is no longer a monoid in the category of endofunctors

some of them definitely not, some of them explicitly ask to be called by their first name, and for others its a mixed bag

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i never know if im on first name basis with my TAs

everyone once and a while i press my password manager autofill button and see how short it is and im like "yep. thats the old password"

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