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pokemon gen 4 remakes? oh yea man loved those. thats the one with professor jupiter right

[to the tune of doin ya mom] doin ya mom doin ya mom doin ya mom do do do doin ya mom

i have to repost this here

fucking this is from the FIRST Tech Challenge twitter

when the fuck is canonical oging to stop with snap nonsense

squares are fake just like the moon landing

i got 2 tiny stuffies from the trans meeting today :flonshed:

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:dragnheadphones: no youll never really know know know know know know know anything about me me me me me me me :dragnheadphones:

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pisscorp stop rate limiting me for spamming emoji reacts

normal person: yeah i got 4 hours of sleeo cause i was on that grind, got 3 projects done

me: i got 4 hours of sleep because my brain is fucko boingo

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