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specifically its de quervain's tenosynovitis, i think it might be from moving my wrist constantly to reach hotkeys

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me when i have a repetitive strain injury!

anyone else always remove "(ft. )" from song title names

how to get me to never disable adblock on your website

the problem with adhd medication is that one of the symptoms of adhd is forgetting to take medication

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I tried to perform a horrible cruelty and force an AI version of Philip K Dick to write the fourth season of Stranger Things and it protested absolutely. This is fair and right

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ive had it with circular profile pictures. my camera doesn't take circular pictures dipshit

i keep on accidentally running ping in a shell with no job control and then i have to restart the machine because i can't ctrl+c out of ping

type of guy who spells tambourine "timbrerine"

just saw a SO post where the OP answered their own question in the second person

mac demarco just makes the same song 10 times and calls it an album and i eat it up every time

knowing things about music/music production is a curse cause youll just be listening to some nice tunes and then youll say some shit like "wow the doubled vocal on this part really stands out in the mix"

very glad that discord is so broken that my only options are "discord constantly freezes as i type" or "you cant use slash commands"

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