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need to figure out how to have like a shared base for both dotfiles so things like aliases can be the same for both

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my work dotfiles and personal dotfiles are getting too similar for comfort

god damn it i accidentally pressed delete instead of delete and redraft

Downloading Repo source from

Your identity is: Rose Spangler <email>
If you want to change this, please re-run 'repo init' with --config-name

repo has been initialized in <path>
If this is not the directory in which you want to initialize repo, please run:
rm -r <path>/.repo
and try again.
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the output of repo init always makes me think it failed when i just scan the output because the bottom says "try again" even though it was successful

the happy faces are a bit too happy for my taste but everything else is good to really good, and they didn't fuck up the pleading emoji (cough twemoji)

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they're cute and stylized and the animations aren't cringeworthy anymore. microsoft finally made a decent emoji set

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i never thought i'd say this but teams has good emojis now

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r/ProgrammerHumor is probably the biggest programming community of non-programmers out there

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modules are this funny thing where no matter what language i'm using, i can never remember the correct syntax and directory structure for creating a new module

i dont know why modules specifically but my memory just refuses to acknowledge them

kind of wack that 2 of my 3 semi-complete songs sample car seat headrest

how the fuck could you use anything but an email client that combines all of your accounts

walta. put your dick away waltah. im not having sex with you right now walta

all-spice? you mean cayenne pepper?

mastering is just audio engineers doing a code review

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