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i call my romantic interactions gay even when they may not necessarily apply to be homosexual (for instance, i'm a girl and i kiss a boy) simply because i am gay and everything i touch is automatically homosexual

just found out ubuntu software center still has all of same issues it did when i first started using ubuntu 6 years ago

got an email from McGraw Hill which i thought was a spam email and almost instinctively deleted it

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linux alias command, funny 

alias jorts="xdotool type your mom suck me good and hard through my jorts"

what the fuck possessed me to make this an alias!?!?!???

if i could just get my fucking medication on time every time with no hassle then there would be no reason for me to keep any extra but here we are

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kind of fucked up that i have to stockpile adderall because of how strict the rules are on getting refills which are supposed to prevent people from stockpiling adderall

asking for ideas on how to solve a problem and then other people responding with only the same non-ideal solutions you already came up with is the worst

Alarm set for 6 hours and 17 minutes from now.


song title: i am not good at slicing round objects

music production mfs you all need to watch dan worrall immediately because his vids go hard as fuck

im a fiend for parallel processing now. my bass and kick parts are popppin

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music video tier list:

S: people playing instruments and the audio is actually from that session
A: video has nothing to do with audio
B: people playing instruments but it obviously doesn't match (people playing when there's not actual audio there)
C: people playing instruments where they pretend it matches but its not real

i know theres lots of latex haters on this webbed site but i personally think its fun

oh my god. it's called a ruler because you can use it to make rules

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