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my favorite feature of minecraft 1.16+ is how sometimes the server hangs forever when you shut it down


bong ordered. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

shoutout to MSU for making me pay $227 for access to my homework assignments this semester

i feel like you could make the argument that REAPER is the C++ of DAWs

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i had no idea until today that you can close ssh x11 forwarded apps to your tray and reopen them later

how did i not know about keynav until today

how i walk into the crosswalk knowing full well i will not be able to cross before the countdown finishes 🚶‍♀️

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$ which 🥺👉👈        
🥺👉👈: aliased to sudo

oh yeah i forgor i had that too

i love printing documents out and then writing on them and then scanning them with a closed source document scanning app and then throwing the papers away so much

what is it called

is there a way to make pairing bluetooth headphones to one of a laptop or a phone not a pain when both have bluetooth enabled or have we just not figured that out yet

speaking of eating out why is that shit so expensive. im not paying $15 for a fuckin hamburger or whatever and then you still have the gall to ask me for a tip because apparently the $15 from the hamburger isnt enough to pay your damn workers

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getting to the point in the grocery cycle where we have enough food to make meals but it takes a lot of effort to make something filling/nutritious so i end up not ending enough and then the cycle continues until i eat out or get more groceries

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