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the accommodations universities are able to give are fundamentally unequipped to properly address the difficulties of having a disability but like it's better than nothing at all i guess lol

re: trans+ 

went a lot better than i thought it would, i didnt think it was going to go like badly but so far was way smoother than anticipated

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come out to parent mission success :dragnhappy:

im assuming anyways since the name is derived from unix system v which i did not know

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wait what the fuck sysv init is pronounced system 5 and not system v

ohm was kind of spitting he shouldve made more laws

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when will discord mark as unread in DMs work properly

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hey everyone can we undo daylight savings time today i accidentally stayed up too late

how can it be almost 2 am if i havent even had my little tasty treat

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my desired salary is all of it. give me all of your money

me writing a post: "oh yea xenias gonna boost this one for sure"

how to not be a replyguy 

step 1: think your thoughts about a post
step 2: move on with your life

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nudity mentioned kinda? 

presenting the Completely Chaste Bathhouse

⚠️ ATTENTION all messaging apps ⚠️

me deleting a draft message is NOT!!!! the same thing as me typing

do NOT broadcast a "typing notification" if i am simply DELETING a message i DO NOT INTEND TO SEND!!!!!

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