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times i've forgotten to sleep (starting from this post)
- last night

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Wow I'm gonna be teaching people older than me how to tie a knot

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You're Telling Me This Rendering is Physcially Based?

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The first Windows 8 laptops just came out, and Apple still can't deliver today's laptops

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So it looks like Amazon has its tentacles ready to take over Rust.

The company is slowly adding its own members to the Rust team in an attempt to leverage governance. Amazon employees are badmouthing the original Rust team, and articles are being released to manufacture consent for Rust being an Amazon project.

Capital tryna take away my gay crab language.

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Instead of labeling bathrooms as "men's" and "women's", attach some explosives to each door and have people determine the gender of the bathroom based on the color of the smoke from the explosion
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i'm pretty sure they just call the character "the doctor"

why does my filmmaking teacher require that we use 29.97 fps it is the worst framerate in existance

you're telling me this frame is rated?

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just realized i forgot a "not" in the cw after "probably", sorry!

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long, unicode, probably screen reader friendly 

i kinda wanna make a ui for the compose key

· = compose key

so like for example you type ·e and it shows a menu with
- ee ə
- e` è
- e- e_ ē
- e= €
- e^ ê
- e; e, ę
- e" ë
- e' é
- e. ė
and there's probably no interaction but it shows what you can type

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