I think the issue is rn there's nothing interesting on my timeline here

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Ah yes, Sparling water was literally half the price of normal water. Guess I'll pour the sparkling water away (I bought the bottle in order to refill it up anyways)

I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna implement a module system

Gave in to the tentation and implemented lambdas

I do want to keep this one simple - so no type variables. You have to manually specify the type of each argument

Only getting 6h of sleep reeeeeeee

Time to be tired all day

Breaking news - the author of the lib is extremely cool! They've fixed a bug I found in like what, 2 days?

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Me and a friend played factorio for 7h yesterday :politecat:

Why does school make me waste so much time studying literature for the love of God aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

One day I gotta remake my CV. Right now it's a nice looking illustrator file made my a friend. The one issue is I can't really update it myself..

I spent so much time on this aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

The worst mistake was assuming the first pretty printing lib which popped up on google for haskell was as good as what we have in the purescript world. How wrong I was.... github.com/natefaubion/purescr is miles ahead of github.com/quchen/prettyprinte

My one issue with this platform is how slow pages load on mobile


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