one of my favorite features of scribble is that the racket docs search searches not just for functions and types and code stuff but also page titles, filenames, and importantly technical terms which have a specific way to define them in the markup and then you can quickly look for terms like "synchronizable event" and immediately jump to the definition of the term
which is really good!!! it makes the docs extremely usable, much more than javadocs

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Please stop naming things with the acronym ML, I'm already plenty confused with Meta Language (the language) and metalanguage (the concept) and Marxism–Leninisim (the ideology) and machine learning (the field) and markup language (the category of languages) and

@ionchy Yup. Ryan Culpepper gave a talk on proper design with macros; I can't find it though. Common mistakes are (1) using macros when functions will do and (2) expanding to lots of code when you ought to expand to a function call (3) not let-binding expressions that are inputs that appear multiple times in the template, causing duplicate evaluation.

@ionchy I'm not so sure. If the language is designed to allow the user to extend it, it seems like the editor must have some way to adapt to user-defined extensions. Making that external to the language is leads to a ton of code duplication (each editor will invent it's own language for control customization, which will not be portable). Making it possible to do language-extension with IDE-extension as a first-class feature is probably a good idea.

Can I get my Racket macros to indent in specific ways (match-like, let-like, etc.) in DrRacket without adding the specific keywords in Preferences? I guess the Racket code has nothing to do with how DrRacket formats it so it's unlikely that this is something I can specify in the code...

@hazel @g should just call them "dependent function" and "dependent pair", but then the sum type doesn't have a second name...

@wilbowma well both are good... we can coexist in peace and harmony... all we need now is an avatar, master of both macros and monads

@wilbowma Incredible
There's even do-notation!
There's nothing Racket can't do

racism, spicy take on iq 

history of iq tests:
-invented by racists with confirmation bias
-historically used by racists to justify racist education policies and also eugenics
-currently used by racists to justify racist education policies and also eugenics
-debunked countless times
-still taken seriously because ????????

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