My walking endurance has been shattered by the lack of public transport in the UK

Zipper merge and front to back plane deboarding are why Americans will never enjoy pleasant, efficient lifestyle.

My algorithm to find out which month is which number

Any good programming language for video games should allow for use-after-free. That's the foundation of any good TAS

My first meeting with the university is going great: I missed it because I thougt we were sunday.

I did not realise that travelling for 20h starting Saturday morning eastward, and arriving in a UTC+9 timezone meant you skip Sunday entirely.

missing that zoom call is a perfect summary of my mental state after 3 months of grinding.

Getting new stationary should be a staple (hah) of any visit to japan

I can't express how irrationally happy I am to see those

As a UK resident with a Swiss passport, visiting Japan, I am absolutely appalled by the amount of line cutting tourists are doing

Not that I dislike staring at a computer but I need to get better at other things too

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All current projects are on pause for 6 weeks. The last 3 months were a nightmare but I look forward to strengthening my CT skills and doing something that's not staring at a computer all day

All trains are super cool, but congrats to Japan for having Shinkansen dedicated captchas 🚅

jfc I figured it out but what a nightmare of documentation

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The internet is failing me. Using the capability library in Haskell, how do I get this to work without changing g?

g :: HasReader "name" Int m => m ()
g = pure ()
f :: HasState "name" Int m => m ()
f = g

Finally, a civilized life, reading while going back home.

I would not trade my gut lactase for anything

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