it's another effort post: what are the diff algorithms in git, why are they different

or the current status of the nerd snipe/tarpit i'm in

"The US Federal Communications Commission has threatened to disconnect Twilio from the US telecommunications network (in two weeks from January 24!) if the company does not take proactive steps to block robocalls originating from its systems." If you're using Twilio, do you have a backup plan?

I like the way GoTo lead their latest breach notification by saying “encrypted” backups were exfiltrated…

…then when you dig into it, you see they also took the decryption key. So, the backups.

This family meeting could have been an email.

If you're emailing a speaker about the content of their talk, cool! Stick to the content. Professional talks are not part of someone's dating profile, so flirty flattery is almost certainly unwelcome. Please, I implore you, leave it out! It's not harmless. It's disconcerting to receive regardless of one's relationship status, and disrespectful.

This video is really good. A professional composer takes a beginner's piece and explores what can be developed in it. You might not be a classical musician, but you can still learn a lot from this:

My wife decided to learn #Python and, with absolute deadpan seriousness, refers to curly brackets exclusively as "squirrelly brackets".

Not only do I not correct her, I have now adopted this term as canonical.

Hearing on proposal to reduce the speed limit in downtown Columbus

It is sort of sad and scammy that the ACM charges to get access to this article when their publication, SIGMOD Record, offers it open access.

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"Concurrency Control for Database Theorists" (12 page PDF) "The aim of this paper is to serve as a lightweight introduction to concurrency control for database theorists through a uniform presentation of the work on robustness against Multiversion Read Committed and Snapshot Isolation."

libgit2 fails to verify SSH keys by default (GHSA-8643-3wh5-rmjq)

This is the actual root cause of the recent vulnerability in Cargo

Azure plays this trick on you where you think you're making progress when you work around one of its bugs

Since I just saw yet another developer use '' in an example configuration, a reminder that you MUST NOT use publicly routable addresses that you do not control in your code.

Instead, use one of the available 'TEST-NET' IPv4 or IPv6 ranges documented in RFC 6890, such as;


Pass it on to all of your fellow developers, documentation writers, and so forth.

Full RFC is here;

USB-C is an excellent unifying standard, except for the fact that it's actually 1701 different standards that use the same connector.

If you're thinking of setting up a Mastodon instance, read this first:

Things that are painful (which this is) should also be funny (which this is).

My lesson learned from CircleCI secret leak is that if you have a secret management interface, it should show the date when the secret was added and the user who added it. A freeform description field could be nice, too, esp. for those SSH keys.

Eng team at the job ran into the 2038 bug for the first time today! (Scheduling an end of month recurring thing 15 years in the future means it happens after INT_MAX for the first time.)

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