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when will language designers with good semantics ideas learn how to make the language look at least acceptable? So many languages with good ideas then they make evil syntax decisions and/or have the code formatting cause the earth itself to shake in fear

i want to make a meme company that sells the feeling of communism

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lots of text, need opinions 

So I want to make a fun little development environment for making little applications and games with a retro style and some graphical limitations to keep the retro theme in tact. A design roadblock I'm coming up to is that while I know I want the environment to use a functional language that discourages using state, I'm not sure whether to go with a lisp or an ML or even something else. My target audience about 50% doesn't know any programming and 50% can write haskell pretty comfortably so I'm wondering where a good balance between "easy to pick up" and "has the features that make life easier" is. Wondering what thoughts y'all here would have on what to pick since I keep changing my mind !

Okay so I found a best of both worlds type scenario! Apparently I can force KDE to use bspwm instead of plasma as the window manager. I get to keep the themeing from KDE but BSP seems to control everything on the window management side of things. Memory usage is definitely reflecting on this too! :)

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I love how I got KDE looking but it used like 2-3 more gigabytes of memory than BSPWM does and also BSP is more usable for me anyway. Sad I have to make this compromise, guess it's just gonna push me to try and make my setup on BSP look nicer.

how many automated emails that aren't spam do y'all get daily it's like at least 6 for me rn and I think that's pretty high but maybe someone else has a better score

personal, vent, some trauma is mentioned too 

had a convo with another polyamorous person in a friend group abt how it's weird even being surrounded by nearly only monogamists monogamy still seems so impossible to understand and how it's easy to forget we're such a minority sometimes
After that convo people starting saying nonmonogamy wasn't valid to them all at once and someone else said something along the lines of "nonmonogamy is objectively wrong" and that like more than 90% of people agreed with them and I started getting a bunch of flashbacks to getting harrassed and bullied out of a friend group when I was younger for feeling love for multiple people but not knowing what it was called or what I was supposed to do and asking for help, so I acted really aggressively because of the flashbacks and now I just wanna cry and disappear because it's 6am and I can't sleep because I'm so paranoid and anxious and my chest hurts so much and I think everyone hates me

I love dithering AND bubbly UIs, suck THAT graphic designers!!1!!1one!!!!

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