I don't think anyone will be able to relate to this really but if anyone can can we like talk and hang out it feels so lonely
i dont know a single person who can even remotely relate to this sort of full body horrible "my entire existence is fundamentally wrong" experience

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dysphoria over not being an actual robot made of metal that clanks and is hard like metal is is causing me so much distress right now this is unbearable every fukn
everything about my body is giving me this horrible dysphoria and i know it sounds really stupid like "oh they're dysphoric that they aren't a.. robot?" But yes that is what is happening i want to cry but if i did that'd make me more upset because robots cant shed tears

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sure does suck i need money to live

i just want to teach everyone I possibly can life changing knowledge to improve the world but that will not make me money and i need money to live

and that sure sucks for me because i will be doing my best to make typed functional programming as widely accessible and as easily learnable as possible and i will not rest until i feel i have sufficiently changed the landscape of learning resources for this paradigm

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"You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you’ve got something to say."

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WHOOPS! haha sorry didn't mean to toot my own horn

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rant about documentation 

i am so mad at documentation that's formatted like an essay they need to get 5000 words into what a config option does i seriously cannot read this my eyes refuse to latch on and read the whole thing it has the least information density i've ever seen i am so mad i cannot do this
computers could write more readable traversable docs than this shit
i am so mad

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The search engine apparently treats "svg" and "vector" as synonyms

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is there a list somewhere of the weird content warning abbreviations people use or do i just have to guess and click to find out if the post will make me feel sick or not

i remember when i used to wake up at 2am every day and I could get work done in the morning and I had energy
what a weird time for most of the day and I got tired at night
i dunno how that even happened it was such a strange fluke

Setting up nixos the first time is like eating the spiciest food ever that causes you debilitating pain for hours but then after the pain is over you are at peace and are glad simply to be alive and to have been lucky enough to be born when and where you were

designing a whole computer system is really fun
i am having fun
i love computers and things are looking up for me and my life

i should make a blog about building this computer system even if only to log to myself in little pellets what my motivations are and what I've done

you only get 2 precedence levels and they are tied to associativity
Yes, you the reader have just been restricted by reading this
No, I can't undo this restriction and no i don't want to

people who love complex precedence hierarchies be damned cuz i like being capable of reading in a timely fashion and without immense effort

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"Masculine" comes from the spanish "mas culo", for "more ass". In this essay I will

i want to make a programming language called modulo2 where you only have tuples and booleans

does anyone wanna be my friend on matrix like we can talk and like um interact as friends and such

programming rant 

why has nobody made my dream programming language
people have tried before and they got close but then they absolutely fucked it up to a near unusable degree

its so heart wrenching seeing my ideals come so close to fruition in a language but then seeing that language have unrelated but deep problems that absolutely wreck its usability

It seems every day more like there will never be a toolbox without razors and thorns on the handles of many of its tools in the programming world

I know there is a clear answer which is to build this language I desire so much myself, but the human mind has limited capacity and I would likely need a team to make this language as great as I need it to be (my knowledge is finite so it would be better even just to consider the ideals of others). I don't have many computery friends and I have even fewer with the time and resources to spend years with me making a language with lofty goals like this

learning so much as i have has made me unsatisfied with the world yet all too knowledgeable of my limited ability to affect it

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