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Finally getting round to doing proper .

I'm currently a PhD student in at the University of Iowa, specializing in the of . My dissertation explores the ontology of temporal passage, making an argument from our experience of passage to its reality, and addressing the standard objections that our experience may be illusory (I argue that it can't be) and that the best current physics denies passage (I argue that it doesn't, and that even if it did, it wouldn't trump our experience as evidence, as experience of passage is an enabling condition for science itself).

I also have done some things with:
-Ancient Indian philosophy (and would love someday to have time to do a pet project on Neo-Advaita)
-Margaret Cavendish and Ludwig Wittgenstein (both specifically on time)
-the knowability paradox (the weird result from standard modal logic that if all things are knowable in principle then it follows that all things are known)

  • the problem of negative existential truths (one of my favorites: what is the truthmaker for 'there is no elephant in this room'?)

I wish I had more time to work on:

  • the ontology of numbers
  • meta-philosophical stuff to do with the role of intuitions in our philosophizing
  • lots more modal metaphysics/modal logic/possible worlds semantics stuff (to take one example: S5 is often taken to be the standard/right modal logic, but increasingly I suspect we should ditch anything stronger than D)

But, unfortunately, I currently don't have more time to work on this stuff, mostly because is a garbage fire and I'm actively working on getting out. I still hope to finish my dissertation, but finished or not, I'm currently trying to re-skill myself into a analyst (to start with). The idea here is that I am good at presenting complex information (have always loved and excelled at ), enjoy numerical computing, and am especially good at sorting out what kinds of underlying assumptions are skewing the solutions to a given problem.

Since I have a lifelong side interest in , I'm hoping to go into clinical data analysis, ideally finding someone to pay me to go get an MPH in or Biostats. (I used to dream of being a PA, but I just can't stand the medical establishment anymore than I can stand academia.) But I also think there's a real chance I may just end up in software engineering more broadly. Who knows?

Other, non-career things about me:

I'm a lifelong poet, whose major influences are (first and foremost) Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, T.S. Eliot, d.a. levy, Mahmoud Darwish, and Anne Sexton. I think Ginsberg is right to say that "poet is priest" and for me, as bridge-building is a religious function.

I did an MA in before I ended up in Philosophy, and was particularly interested in address forms (names and pet names, second-person pronouns, the vocative case, etc.).

I almost went into Religious Studies professionally, being huge into comparative mythology as a hobby, with particularly interest in cross-culturally (and the attendant ineffability claims that always come with mystic experience).

(It's all words, and words, and words, and Words.)

I'm and and (-ish) and and a (sub-leaning) switch, and I am thereby excused from making decisions or "picking a side", forever. Plus, I've got , so I'd be rubbish at it if I tried.

I have two brilliant, hilarious, rowdy-ass sons, ages 7 and 1 (at least, that will be their ages in less than a month). Platonically married to their other parent, an autistic trans woman programmer/musician.

I play guitar quite badly and write songs sometimes.

I like to cook a great deal because it's like both chemistry and witchcraft, and I've been either lacto-vegetarian or vegan for the last 13 years - I think that Tom Regan was generally in the vicinity of correct about animal rights.

On that note, I am some kind of leftist, strongly disgusted with most everybody's bullshit, strongly anti-racist, fuck TERFs, fuck SWERFs, fuck capitalism, pretty goddamn pacifist, very much about .

I'm 36 and I was born in Arkansas and I grew up in Texas, but I belong in the snow and the woods.

Someday I'll move to Scotland or Sweden or at least Vermont, and live in a stone cottage and make amulets and grow black flowers and write books.

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An improper . I'll write a proper one later when there isn't a baby eating an apple in my lap.

You write two poems.
One's nice and rhythmic, sensible, accessible. People will like it. It's smoothness. Its reserve. The way it echoes the echoes. Opens flowers deftly without harming the plant.
The other poem is a brute. It bruises what it touches. No one wants it. Its fruit all spikey and spiteful. You might swallow, but it cuts all the way down.
You know which one's the real poem.
This hot stove you've never learned not to touch.

#poetry #poems #amwriting

* Trans men are men.
* Trans women are women.
* Non-binary people (enbies) are powerful beings, guarding this plane of existence from demonic forces beyond our comprehension, all in secret, without ever receiving praise.

Thank you, enbies :heart_nb:

#trans #TransMenAreMen #TransWomenAreWomen #NonBinaryIsValid #TransFediverse

“Average person dislikes you" intrusive thought actually just statistical error. Average person thinks you're pretty rad. Haters Georg, who lives in cave & despises you with the blazing fury of a thousand suns, is an outlier and should not have been counted.

My neuroepidemiology presentation on migraine and trans people was very well-received today!

I believed I've earned myself a goddamn nap.


"Something beautiful and timeless about this linen pouch made by Weronika Sędzimir. Antique linen dyed with black alder cones."

When I get my phone too near my laptop's trackpad, the laptop makes a pleasant jingling noise.

"The English light is so very subtle, so very soft and misty, that the architecture responded with great delicacy of detail." - Stephen Gardiner

An abandoned church in England, with a beautiful vivid blue ceiling, bathed in beautiful afternoon light.

#abandoned #church #yorkshire #ruins #Fotomontag #Photomonday

It isn't Verse Thursday, but it is a December night so here's "Getting into Bed on a December Night" by Ellen Bass

on! O Lord, Lord! but I shall go stark, staring mad!

re: Christian theology, Jesus, vaginas, transgender [images of Christ's side wounds as vaginas & related] 


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re: Christian theology, Jesus, vaginas, transgender [long post] 

(to which some wise soul replies "You've never seen a vagina buddy"....

which is ... )

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re: Christian theology, Jesus, vaginas, transgender [long post] 

the text of the thread [ from ]:

Recently there was some drama where news outlets got angry at a sermon which supposedly claimed Jesus was trans.

Obviously the sermon did not say Jesus was trans - but it did touch on some fascinating (and very old) theology surrounding Jesus and gender. So let's talk about that

First I've gotta explain the Trinity... which is way too complex for twitter

Suffice to say that God is not male (despite what you may have heard) and is in fact all genders and none simultaneously

Jesus is God made flesh, God embodied as human. As a human man, yes, but also...

If you've been on Trans Twitter you'll have seen the "Jesus is trans" jokes. Saying his chromosomes had to be XX because he couldn't have got a Y from his Father. The meme about his side would being from top surgery

But people have been playing with Jesus' gender for centuries

And the reason that people have been playing with Jesus' gender in art and theology and all that for centuries, is that Jesus gives us REASON to.

So, of course, as we expand our understanding of gender in the modern world, we expand that to trans stuff too.

So lets talk about how, historically, the "Masculinity" of Jesus has been seen and considered, shall we?

So the whole point of Jesus is that he comes for ALL of humankind. We are told that we are all capable of, and supposed to work towards, being "christlike" - after all, Jesus is the embodiment of a genderless (or genderfull) God. The point is not that Jesus is a man, but a HUMAN.

And Jesus is clear about the fact that he didn't come as "a man" but "a human". So clear that all of the Gospel writers agree on it.

In fact, throughout the Gospels Jesus never uses the word "anēr" (male/masculine) to describe himself. He always uses "anthrōpos" (human).

Jesus is the human incarnation of a God who is all genders and none, all at the same time; a God that has created each of us in their own image - all of us, of every gender - and therefore Jesus is not simply "male", but "human", and theologians have long recognised this.

Understanding that Jesus isn't merely "male", theologians have often described Jesus as a "mother" - most famously Julian of Norwich, who wrote in the 1300's, said: "Jesus Christ therefore, who himself overcame evil with good, is our true Mother."

Julian of Norwich also stated "The mother can give her child to suck of her milk, but our precious Mother Jesus can feed us with himself, and does, most courteously and most tenderly, with the blessed sacrament, which is the precious food of true life"

This idea of the sacrament as breast milk was not unique to Julian - many theologians drew the connection between these life giving things - even reflecting Rabbinic understandings of the Manna from Heaven as breast milk to create a long thread of understanding.

But one of the most "contentious" parts of the sermon that started this furore and started this thread is a particular (and long held) understanding of Jesus' side wound.

Obviously, Julian has thoughts on that, too...

Julian says: "The mother can lay her child tenderly to her breast, but our tender Mother Jesus can lead us easily into his blessed breast through his sweet open side, and show us there a part of the godhead and of the joys of heaven, with inner certainty of endless bliss."

Medieval Christians were OBSESSED with Jesus' side wound.

It was the highlight of artistic depictions, the focus of sermons, the content of visions.

And one of the main things they saw it as, was some kind of portal...

And by "portal", I do, of course, mean vagina.

And that's what the oh so contentious sermon said - "look, medieval christian art saw Jesus' side wound as a vagina. Let's talk about that."

The idea is that Jesus gives life. Like a mother giving birth.

Jesus raising Lazarus from the tomb, Jesus himself rising from the tomb, they both involve the miraculous drawing out of human life from a dark cave, along a tunnel, and into the light.

Sounds a lot like childbirth.

We say that Christ died so that we could live. The Bible says it a lot.

Many theologians, living in a time where death in childbirth was common, and childbirth itself could be horrifically painful drew the connection between Christ's physical death on the cross and childbirth.

Theologians saw Jesus' agony on the cross as a form of 'labour' as he 'birthed' new life for all of us.

And so, when the soldier pieced his side, proving he was dead, and "blood and water" came out, they saw that as the moment of 'birth'. Like blood and water come in childbirth

With that in mind, when an opening in a body brings forth water and blood, and in the midst of that water and blood comes new life... it's fair to think of it as a vagina.

So medieval artists, depicting that moment, depicted Jesus' side wound as such. It was a thing.

There's also all the theology that surrounded Jesus' actions: theologians living in times of strict gender roles obsessed over the "femininity" of Jesus feeding and serving others. Even speaking to women as if they were equal. Of him taking the "feminine role" in his interactions

In summary: If you think it's heresy to see Jesus as "feminine" or "mother" or anything other than a masculine macho manly man, you're wrong.

And if you think it's "modern woke nonsense", then you've not been paying attention to centuries of theology, or the Gospels themselves.

One day I'll do a whole thread on how it actually is Big Trans Vibes for God to shrink down to a single "gender" and body to walk among us as Jesus, and how weird that must have been for Jesus to suddenly be "male" and not "the genderweird vibe of God" but that's for another time

Ppl have been going BUT WHAT ABOUT 'THE SON OF MAN' and my friends, the earliest Gospels we've got are Ancient Greek and Luke 9:22 says "υἱός τοῦ ἀνθρώπου"

υἱός is often translated as "male child" but regularly applies to female children

ἀνθρώπου means "human / humanity"

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you, normal person: wow what a strange and interesting creature

me: I'm telling you they're aliens and they probably rule the earth

(photo of a larval Wonderpus octopus taken by Wu Yung-sen during a black water dive)

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