there is one instrument recorded here and it's not a guitar, bass, or drum

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they should make a food tracking program that isn’t evil. how cool would it be to have a database of meals u like with health info and then generate a shopping list/plan from it

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Breaking: local boygirl lickz classroom rock samples and has a rlly great time. Video below (with funky music)

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on average, kobolds range in size from roughly the size of themself to a little bit smaller than that

manual rebasing, also known as "giving up and just copypasting changes",


thinking abt the Gamer Beer in portland

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implied t slur 

@tranarchist the Totally Rad Application for Photos

c++ question 

ok i think this is just a syntax question now. this is what i have. the relevant constraints are no c++ collection types, and Puppy must take a void*. how do i (within Puppy) call doThing with each item?

typedef struct {
void* items;
int64_t N;
int64_t otherStuff;
} Puppy_args_t;
void Dispatcher()
FancyType<> *items[N];
for (idx 0..N) {
items[idx] = new FancyType<>()

auto puppyArgs =
(Puppy_args_t *)malloc(sizeof(Puppy_args_t));
puppyArgs->items = (void*)items;
puppyArgs->N = N;
puppyArgs->otherStuff = otherStuff;

IndirectCallThingy(Puppy, puppyArgs);
void Puppy(void* args)
// ???????
for (item : items) {
void doThing(FancyType<> *item) {...}

dorf fort 

:bing: how to let kobolds get away with taking whatever they want and also give them better supplies

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the key to building a video game with a ton of depth is to make sure the underlying engine is as cranched as possible


‘breakfast’ rice:
1 cup rice
1.5 cup water
(opt) some precooked sausage (like kielbasa, not breakfast sausage)
japanese bbq sauce
cook in rice cooker
when it switches to warm, add egg and (opt) 1/2 cup shredded cheese,
mix it and leave on warm w lid for 5 min

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kinda curious what editors people use

the first one was i met up w someone for coffee and the next day saw a tweet with 2k likes that was literally abt us. second was a tiktok of me dancing at a show. thankfully neither had like. identifying details but. freaky. also like those 2 i/a friend happened to see,, idk probably an irrational fear but also . pattern

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the last 2 times ive gone to chicago ive been put on the internet. supposed to go again this weekend and im a bit nervous bc of that

me: reading LLVM documentation
grey, seeing my face: "you ok? u seemed distressed"

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