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i’ve been playing with WM themes for multiple hours now help.. my system looks almost entirely like something from the early 2000s though i love it

mr. toledo really makes some points. what if for just one night you turned into an animal?

re: linux distro choice question 

also as much as i love the idea of a declarative system config, nixos does not seem to like proton so ehh

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linux distro choice question 

ok i want off the bleeding edge wild ride (manjaro)

im looking for a distro that is a stable foundation for daily use but won't limit my future options for modification or Messing With Stuff. is debian a good choice?

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super none 

horse girl gf and horsegirl gf
(they're dating)

who woulgen’t


it isn’t my cat

im pretty sure it had to do with a ‘non-zero width joiner’ that was actually a non-breaking space

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last night i dreamt that the unicode committee sent a hitman after me because i found a bug in the zero-width joiner spec

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lisp machines are the only good car-centric infrastructure

why is my trackpad driver even Able to uninstall itself

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is there a name for when a node in a directed graph has a path to itself? currently listening to this (but i have to skip a couple songs bc of the lyrics)

sidenote: when did thread go from meaning conversation to monologue? i meant it here in the convo sense though, reply w what ur listening to!

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pregaming the party by listening to souls by csh (don’t do this)

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crumbling under the weight of it all. meow meow meow meow meow <3

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I am interested in developing reverse #mindfulness where any time you think of what your mind is doing, you instead think of something else. Using rapid breathing, distract yourself completely. Total immersion in dumb bullshit is the goal here, as "being here now" usually means being stuck at a job which sucks asshole, so you don't have a lot of reason to mentally hang out there any more than you need to. Do you do a shitty job, sure whatever, you're not mentally there anyway, who cares

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