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you cannot boost this toot it is all rights reserved

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me when half the teachers at my school are on strike

i would do anything to have my work ethic at age 15 back

i hate boomers so much

we have a sub rn in my physics class rn and hes like "absolutely no phones, if nobody breaks this rule ill let you go on them for the last 5 mins"

like king...... today is a workday...... on our personal computers..... if we r gonna dick around we are going to do it either way

control complex mf

lately understanding myself has felt like a show that airs new episodes weekly but you missed a week near the start and then you fell off watching all together
so much has happened and i dont have the energy to keep up with it

i will catch up once the pace has slowed a little but rn i just see it all happening in my peripherals

my fingerprints are getting burned off from using the too hot touchpad of my ASUS Q537

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my brain feels like a pinball machine rn and its just ding chkchkchkc ding ding chkchkchk ding the ball keeps hitting all the bumpers but none of them are related ive got all 4 lobes activated at once

today i was in the car with my friend and they, unprompted, said "you look like a corn" and that broke me

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idk how im gonna do this shit in college i havent had a complete thought since january 2020

staring hw at 12:30 💔 rip to the excellent student i use 2 be

friendship ended with anime pfp now broken quinnward is my best friend

no u dont understand my guiatr playing sounds like shit bc its a statement.... its a rejection of soicetal standards of perfection n the restricitve nature of euro-centric music theory 💔 definetly not bc i dont practice enough... idot

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selfie ec, boost/fav swag 

hey yall im winnin

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