I wish more of these at least had a reason for why they are blocked.

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Achievement unlocked: use the `censor` function from `MonadWriter` in a real piece of code.

This code might require a bit of documentation, though. I am already starting to forget what it is doing.

It's taking the police a while to arrest hundreds of people still on the road.

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It's beautiful weather here in The Hague. A perfect day to tell everyone we have to end subsidies for fossil industry.

Google maps has a weird definition of "moderate hill" here in the Netherlands..


This recently updated post on OWID also seems relevant to the discussion a few days back with @MartinEscardo : ourworldindata.org/environment

Unreadable Agda goal 

Real let bindings in Agda! Real let bindings in Agda! My kingdom for real let bindings in Agda!

Just one of the very exciting code sprints at the meeting in Edinburgh: explicit polarity annotations (screenshot posted by Josselin Poiret on Zulip).



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