Ah yis. Skate park. Nice and empty and ready for my beginner ass.

The Icarus Rebuttal from AI super-intelligence believers is seductive. It goes like this: people used to laugh off the engineers pursuing human flight because airplanes don’t flap like birds.

I can’t find evidence for this. There was the Christmas Bullet, an airplane designed by William Whitney Christmas, that was supposed to fly with flapping wings… but most people at the time expected it to fail. And it did.

So where does this belief that just because AI isn’t meant to mimic human thought that it cannot think come from? It’s an odd rhetorical device. And possibly not even true.

Any aviation historians care to chime in?

Martha Wells talks about the conventionial narrative of evil robots who want to take over the world. Ann Leckie and others have pointed out that that idea is used to justify slavery #WisCon46 #RogueCode

Stanislaw Lem and the Strugatsky brothers as antidote for AI hype....

This talk, from a few years ago, remains topical. Indeed more so than when first delivered :


#ai #superintelligence #tescreal

The $500 billion ‘Office real estate apocalypse’: Researchers find remote work’s effect even worse than expected | Fortune

Why there insane pressure to declare COVID over? As usual, it's about the money. Simple as that! fortune.com/2023/05/25/office-

Retained mode graphics APIs and functional programming: heaven or hell?

Apologies for not adding alt text to my the image in my last post. It’s a picture of a boxed 5th edition of the card game, “Vampire the Eternal Struggle.”

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This game is back from the dead once more! I had lost my collection in a flood a couple years ago and thought I’d never see it again.

Might upset some Net Runner fans, myself being one, but I think this is probably one of his best games.

#OpenAI proposal for regulation of current #AI technology: zero, absolutely none, nothing.

They're instead talking solely about tech that doesn't exist, and they have no plan for it either.


OpenAI's statement on "governance of superintelligence" is basically "in our humble opinion you should regulate AI, but not *our* company's AI which is good, but instead only imaginary evil AI that exists only in the nightmares you have after reading too many Sci-Fi books, and the regulatory framework you choose should be this laughably guaranteed-to-fail regulatory framework which we designed here on a napkin while laughing" openai.com/blog/governance-of-

Is half of computer science just binary search?

"We really care about quality here."

... "Ok, let's write some formal specifications then."

"No, not like that."

... "Ok, let's step down a little and start with denotational design and write some property tests."

"Not like that either. You're thinking too abstractly. You need to be more product-focused. The quality of the product is important."

... "Maybe I'm not understanding what the definition of 'quality' is here. I think you mean, 'inscrutable.' We like to write inscrutable software here. It may have errors in it but we haven't specified what the software ought not to do so you can't prove that it doesn't do those things."

"What? Just think about our customers and their experience using the product. The quality of that experience is what matters."

... "So launch the missiles."


... "It doesn't matter what the software does as long as the customer experiences something that feels like 'quality' to them. Therefore our software can also launch the missiles."

"Get out."

ChatGPT: "How can I help?"

"Write me a program that delivers quality experiences to my customers. You must be product focused."

reminder that the economy is artificial and every death due to lack of housing, food, or medical care is an act of political violence

Brought to you by the department of “Tired of this Capitalist Bullshit.”

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I can just take a few years off to pursue a degree while supporting a family of four, right?

Ok so compiling Haskell to WASM works pretty well!

Running said wasm in the browser requires setting up a whole build tool system and more compilers that I don't know how to do it anymore and that's not as fun...

But it's possible we could be targeting the browser soon. Maybe we can get haskeroids running on the web?

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