A lot of the complaints I read about Haskell being "too academic," and "too difficult to understand for beginners," apply to C++ and Java and many other languages.

People are too quick to forget that learning any programming language is difficult for a beginner. Learning C++ wasn't any easier than learning Haskell.

In the long tail of learning and using a language in industry settings, C++ is harder to use due to all of the weak semantics, warts, and features added to wallpaper over historical mistakes.

Haskell has that too... just fewer of them.

Being on the employee end of “what did this person do to redefine the industry this cycle?” is some severance level corporate dystopia.


I guess now that OpenAI is charging for OpenGPT subscriptions they can finally afford to pay the people labelling their input data commensurately for the harm it causes with benefits and plenty of paid time off.

It might even have been me that had trouble connecting by the sound of it. 🤣​

Streaming to no one because I wasn't actually streaming?

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Apologies if anyone was trying to tune in... not sure what happened but it seems like folks were having trouble connecting tonight.

Hopefully everything will be sorted for next week!

Code from tonight's stream is up: github.com/agentultra/haskeroi

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Let's get cracking again on making an Asteroids clone in Haskell! Stream starting in 5-ish minutes... twitch.tv/agentultra

Sometimes it type checks. And then I’m reminded that I actually have to write some terms.

What the hell Zoom. Your web app keeps changing and randomly breaking my setup with OBS Virtual Cam. Stop it.

physical assault, trauma 

I was physically assaulted numerous times when I was a teenager. Kids thought I was gay (like that's an excuse, barf), a freak, etc. I was beaten badly enough in one altercation that I went unconscious and woke with a fractured zygomatic and frontal bone. My face was pretty well mashed up. I was out of school for a long time while I recovered.

I still get nightmares about it that keep me up at night when I want to sleep. It happened more than twenty years ago.

On our own we can't control the violence perpetrated against us. The more people look away, as people did in my small town growing up, the more it happens. Silence keeps us divided and makes those affected by violence more vulnerable.

With videos of recent events surfacing involving police brutality coming to light, if we are able, we should not look away and not remain quiet. Silence is the worst.

I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they grok the program/proof correspondence.

Where are you on the "types are great, let's use them more!" to "try to use the type system as little as we can get away with" scale?

Listening to the Type Theory Forall podcast with Kevin Buzzard (@xenaproject). Really interesting view on how theorem provers are viewed in mathematics and where formal mathematics is heading. It's making me think about what the Agda community could learn from this. Strongly recommended you give it a listen!


The Curry-Howard-Throbbing-Gristle correspondence? 🤔

In roughly the past half-decade, Microsoft went from nowhere to overwhelming dominance of text editors with VSCode, ownership of majority of code hosting (and open source dev) with GitHub, ownership of the dependency stack used by most devs with npm, control over the most popular single language with TypeScript, and is trying to position copilot and ChatGPT as inevitable parts of the future dev process. Nothing negative for the ecosystem will come of this, as the last half century teaches us.

Enjoying playing Kandria since it released a few days ago, thinking I've got the hang of it, and NOW I realise that it has cats that you can pet :blobaww:

How Capitalism made bad computers. Thank you for coming to my DED talk.

Showing too much of your socialist colours at your capitalist job.

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