Blocked someone's email and unsure if I should tell them or not.

This trip is making me miserable. I'm tired, I'm sad, I miss my girlfriend and I want to go home.

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Fucking glad I did a covid PhD. Going to the office is exhausting. Travel is exhausting.

I helped design the metavariable handling in Aesop (Lean 4 automation). Maybe that actually ends up being my most lasting contribution, even though it probably won't end up in my thesis. Other than that,,, I've influenced the way we teach logic at DTU??

I've certainly acquired a lot of skills myself, though. Maybe I should focus on that.

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I've been feeling really shitty about my PhD lately. I shouldn't; it's been a pretty good gig for "transitioning" at the same time, figuring out my first relationship and so on. I just feel kind of empty.

I don't use ZR (jump/drift) when I play Mario Kart with my gf. It's a delightfully relaxing way to play.

Like, the game itself —both intentionally and unintentionally— the make-believe, everything.

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Alcohol tolerance is funny. One guy drank more in two hours than I did in the full six. Still wishing I had stopped earlier though. Ow my head.

Imagine, extreme-case scenario, a disabled, autistic kid with tourettes, social anxiety and schizophrenia. I do not have the energy to support them as they deserve to be supported.

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Womb transplant tweet fucked me up. Gf and I don't want kids; we don't have the genes and we don't have the energy. But I've imagined what pregnancy feels like for way longer than I've known I'm trans.

If someone hands me a term with variables in it, who am I to judge.

Sometimes I care about work. Sometimes I just want to read a book, play Mario Kart with my girlfriend, go for a walk.

The outlook app on Android is infuriatingly bad.

When you're closing a door and you don't want to slam it, but you slow down too quickly and suddenly it takes forever to close the door.

Little red killing machine slightly annoyed to be perceived.

Gf currently upset my boobs do not produce gin and tonic

It took twelve hours of sleep but I'm working. Not so much as in "functioning" as in "typing on the computer".

Going to start taking a multivitamin just to affirm that this easy action would not resolve my lack of energy.

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