chances that i walk up to someone, ramble about eliminators for a solid seven minutes, then say "anyway that's why you should hire me as a phd student" going 📈

chances that it doesn't get me laughed at, constantly zero

@amy I think you're underselling yourself :) Seeing someone who is super excited about what they're doing is a great starting point.

I've talked to a professor recently and he mentioned that motivation is a highly desirable trait he looks for in students

@amy I think you have several things going for you that most applicants do not have, including but not only the following:

1) demonstrated expertise and ability to execute;
2) existing independent research projects involving not only scientific work but also leadership;
3) a self-motivated research agenda

I think many professors (including myself) would leap at the chance to hire a student like this.

@amy I fear I will need you to rave about eliminators for more than seven minutes.

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