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I'm tired from international travel. Ff you need my services today.. please need them tomorrow instead

Today is #TransDayofRemembrance when we honor and remember trans lives taken by violence. How horrifying that a deadly attack upon the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs should occur right before this solemn day.
Hate isn’t born in us. It is taught. It must end.
This starts with our political leaders, who must cease their cynical attacks against our community before another attack occurs.
Call out the hate. Remind them of its consequences. Hold them to account.

am I crazy for not allowing follow requests from anyone with a blank pfp

Kobeni is Reiwa-era Lain, I won't elaborate

So what's the deal with things holding "on the nose"? 🏀🦭?

Loads of other, better qualified people have said this, but:

Don't Donate To Mastodon's Patreon

  • The only one who benefits from that is Gargron
  • Gargron has actively blocked many features which would protect vulnerable users of the service
  • Gargron is well-supported by the EU, lots of weird casinos and a load of crypto-bros
  • Your instance admin needs support.
  • Your instance admin is likely one of the users Gargron could care less about

Support your instance admin

with inflection as if i am distrustful: display forms....

The stutters in Agda's response times there are from me printing a metric gigabyte of debug info

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Every boolean in the Agda codebase can actually be one of True, False, or An internal error has occurred. Please report this as a bug.

Dear VSCode Haskell extension,

When I say "Start Haskell LSP server" I mean start ONE of them not SEVEN

i've been sat so uncomfortably for the past 9 hours that my fucking diaphragm hurts

My facial hair's annoying me, maybe I'll go pace around the terminal looking for a pharmacy to buy a razor in

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Got to the airport, apparently check-in doesn't open until five in the morning tomorrow, which is lovely. Also I'm suffering from "I'm gonna fucking die" disease (tummy hurts a bit too much for a bit too long)

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Wifi at Heathrow is apparently not good enough for sending Discord messages

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