only acquired three stickers at popl. hopefully coqpl shall bring another one

jut spent 30 minutes on a problem because i incorrectly wrote down stirling's formula with $n \choose e$ instead of $(n/e)$. spent a lot of time exploring non integral combinatorial solutions and it sucked

project readme: "endianness depends on ur machine btw"
project tests: *only pass if you're explicitly using big endian conversions*

the vscode to neovim transition simply did not happen yet. as much as ‘coqtail’ sounds cooler than ‘vscoq’ it’s not enough to make me go through the entire config tutorial someone sent me

was going thru a tree related exercise in a discussion section (we r doing python) and some kid was like “I think there’s a way to do this in one line right?” and it took all of my restraint to keep me from explaining the entirety of maps and folds to him

t minus four days till im at popl woohoo

spent an hour over my actually scheduled office hours because a) I can’t stand the idea of not helping someone when I can and b) this kid used a pointer in python because “it was a list” but python made it a list of lists
but also like straight up 50% of the problems I got could have been solved if they’d had types ( or at least, they wouldn’t have had a program that type checked -- so instead of being like “my program compiles and doesn’t pass the tests” it’s “my program just doesn’t compile and I don’t understand the error”)

friend is taking his first cs class and he was extremely frustrated because he was 'following the instructions exactly' but git wasn't working as expected.

he wasn't saving the file before adding/committing it. "why should i save AND commit it?"

i think the average number of times i apologize in zulip posts is more than the average number of exclamation points i use and that really is something

by learning greek I just mean learning the Greek letters because it’s honestly a guessing game for me 90% of the time

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maybe learning greek would have been fruitful because i just spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out which greek letter 'vartheta' was (rendered ϑ) because on inspecting the html source of my hw page, it just said \vt and that meant nothing to me

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also i cant believe this was a real announcement they had to make

no concept of blocks of whitespace only ////////

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i think anyone that thinks i have my life together should look at my latex code because i have no concept of consistent practices

it’s like they Know what source code I was browsing at the airport

every time I’m like “hmm maybe I’ll switch to linux” I think about the one time I had to use something called cheese to record video on a linux machine and i never want to do that again

how long does it take u to properly read like an avg 25 page paper and how long have you been doing this. I want to see if I’m unreasonably slow or if it’s valid to take 15 hours to read a paper

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