went down the road of trying out js_of_ocaml with HTML canvas today… then discovered that you can't turn off anti-aliasing in canvas :oooooohhh_gone:

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having a bunch of fun with Processing for some generative art stuff after a long hiatus (trying to go back to basics and remember where I came from) but… lets just say I'm remembering again why I went looking for alternatives to Java all those years ago hah

Posted a collection of toy language implementations a couple of days ago (arithmetic expressions and a couple of dependent type systems). Have a bunch more I want to play with, but perhaps it is useful for someone? github.com/brendanzab/language

Just know that developing a language is SOOOO hard. and really easy to just post off a bunch of random thoughts if you don't need to try to figure out how they all fit together in practice.

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In a mild panic this afternoon as a random gist I posted a year ago gets shared with a decent portion of the programming internet. 😬


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