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Avatar: Me from 2014 leaning onto a laptop, making some enthusiastic face. I wear shorts and a hoodie, my small desk is messy, and I'm a bearded and short haired dude with light skin.

Header: The "stop doing ..." copypasta/meme about linguistics. Text reads:



- [Mostly caps] YEARS OF MAKING NOISES yet NO REAL-WORLD USE FOUND for doing more than GRUNTING

- Wanted to communicate abstract ideas anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: it was called [caps] "CRYING"

- "Yes, this man's theta-role is a theta-agent" "Yes that plosice should [caps] DEVOICE [/caps] word finally" --- Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

[caps] LOOK [/caps] at what Linguists have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the elicitations and grammaticality checks we did for them

[bold type] (This is [caps] REAL [/caps] linguistics, done by [caps] REAL [/caps] Linguists) [/bold type]

[Three images in a row:

left: a Chomskyan Tree representation of the phrase "I ran", with red question marks below; the complicatedness of the analysis contrasts with the simplicity of the phrase.

centre: a "wug", which is a famous design used in some linguistic studies, created by Jean Berko Gleason, for more info viz. . Red question marks also below this one.

right: Some sort of logical semantic representation that reads ∀xF(x)→L(J,x). I have absolutely no idea what this' supposed to mean, and share the impression the many red question marks below express 😂 ]

Text at bottom, below the row of images:

"Hello, Like(I, apples) please"

[bold type] They have played us for absolute cretins [/bold type]

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I'm Göktuğ, a 90s kid from Turkey doing a master's in who's been fiddling with computers since early 2000s, back when floppies were old and funny but not completely obsolete. I've used many Linuxes and even FreeBSD since then, my main interest being desktop and what I feel like calling because freedom without equity is privilege. I'm a long time and user.

More hax0riness at

I'm still searching for my home in linguistics / social sciences but currently I'm restarting my thesis, transitioning from phonetics/phonology to . Besides that I also like for it's descriptive utility in societal and discoursal analysis of language.

I am also interested in making academia a more equitable and less colonial place, liberating scientific from its publishing industry, and improving the working conditions and institutional tools of universities so as to free research&teaching from corrupt incentives & dynamics that lead to dishonest scholarship and abusive power dynamics.

I think you can tell my politics from above, so if you want to follow me, keep that in mind. I'll be more open with accepting FRs on this account but I don't need anybody's bigotry regardless.

🕊️ ❤️ ✌️

class Boa {
public static Constrictor () {

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I blogged a post: «Academia after Academia, social sciences after Social Sciences»

Have any of you used Julia? Especially JuliaStats & JuliaPlots libraries. What are your impressions like, how does it compare to R and Python/SciPy?

(boosts welcome)

Just discovered how to fix an issue I had for ages with Firefox where it'd auto-select the first menu item in the right-click menu.

The fix is: in about:config, set ui.context_menus.after_mouseup to true.

I found a basic way to do it: based on

what happens there is, you can think of desktop-setup.bash as the .xinitrc. it sets up desktop background, that background is copied to ~/.xbg.png, and it starts xss-lock with a script as its argument. xss-lock runs this script when computer suspends.

the script basically runs i3lock, but it tries to set ~/.xbg.png as the background of the lockscreen, just to make it look a bit fancier.

idk how safe this is.

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A follow up q is when you have everything properly encrypted, is password login still meaningful for the user?

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How do you do proper screen locking with a custom linux desktop? (I currently have i3 on X11, didn't figure out Wayland yet.)

I've used i3lock for a long time but it's more aesthetics than protection. And I want to eventually set up luksSuspend or encrypted hibernation too, so I want to get this safe and right.

Is using a proper display manager the only right way to do it?

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this is an extremely basic option

"make your software more user friendly" does not mean "remove every option"

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Is there something like a git repository dashboard out there that can monitor multiple repositories and tell me if they are dirty (uncommitted changes)?

I don't need any more details so I could come up with a script but if there's something ready made out there, that'd be cool.

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@technomancy @cwebber Yes, that’s usually the case, though I must say that @ArneBab designed Wisp following their own needs and tastes rather than “for someone else”.

Anyhow, I remain skeptical about the “Lisp syntax is inherently unpopular” meme. During the golden age of Lisp machines and years after, it *was* popular; Clojure is very popular “despite” having Lisp syntax.

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@civodul @cwebber the reason I'm always skeptical of these efforts is that to me it always seems like people designing for someone else.

like ... I have no idea how to design a notation for programmers who for some reason hate parens, because I can't even begin to understand where they are coming from and what it is about the current notation they don't like.

I can only do a good job at designing things that are meant to be used by for people like me, or I have to (at least in some sense) become a different kind of person.

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@cwebber Moving away from sexps is a recurrent topic among Lispers…

In, the author writes: “parenthesis-hating programmers (…) will simply move on to some other pretext for dismissing Racket”. That’s also what I’ve witnessed, unsurprised, with when it moved to full JS syntax in the hope of attracting the masses.

Wish you could resize tabs in browsers.

Eg, I want my browser window ~25cm wide on this 24" screen, in my main workspace.

But for some websites, eg Mastodon, I want its viewport to be smaller so that I get the mobile view.

Or when a website doesn't wrap it's text at a width that's good for me, I want to be able to just resize the viewport without having to go into developer tools and fiddling around, which for many websites isn't trivial to do these days.

So I see this being boosted around a bit today, and wonder if people are taking this as "FOSS is failing users and user communities", or "users shouldn't feel entitled and bother FOSS devs", because my intention is pretty firmly the former, and I am no fan of the latter view.

Just to clarify, if you think this aligns with bullshit like this, you're really misinterpreting what's said here and likely didn't read the thread.

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Little Emacs customisation I just came up with:

You probably know C-x = shows some details about the character under cursor, and C-u C-x = brings up a whole buffer with lots of details.

I generally use that just to see the unicode name of a character, but C-u C-x = is an overkill and the buffer is a bit distracting.

So the below snippet modifies the output from C-x = so that the unicode name of the character is appended on a second line.

(define-advice what-cursor-position
(:around (fn detail)
"Extend the basic output of ‘what-cursor-position’ with character name."
(if detail
(funcall fn detail)
(let ((inhibit-message t)) (funcall fn)) "\nDescription: "
(get-char-code-property (following-char) 'name)))))

Output is like

Char: 🧿 (129535, , , file ...) point=22 of 18427 (0%) column=21
Description: NAZAR AMULET
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email protip: filter the word "Unsubscribe"

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@cadadr If you're interested there's the package org-fragtog doing the same thing, which is also recently updated.

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