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this is the most Canadian thing I've ever seen in my fucking life

this is the most Canadian thing I've ever seen in my fucking life

"hey this meme format you're using is stale" true but consider: I don't care

I Wish Things Would Stop Happening, Or At Least The Things Were Better


*spins "inflammatory and/or confusing take" wheel*

"Some of you--"

*spins wheel again*

"so-called Marxists--"


"are just fucking Georgists"

abpoli, edgy joke 

My province got rid of its adverse possession ("squatters' rights") laws recently. As a response, I'm proposing something I'm calling "advers-er possession" where we all get together and we round up all the landlords and uhhhh no officer, nothing happens after that.

I can't stop thinking about getting a moped

I feel like at a certain point, if you have enough CWs, people can figure out the gist without opening the post

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His reputation
derives mainly from his work
on magnetism

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computer girls and hacker girls are not enemies, in fact,

aaaand my network just went down lmao

The kind of problem you run into at 3 AM 

Hmm either my .dockerignore is applying recursively to files with the same name in subdirectories(???) or (I think more likely) my updated .dockerignore wasn't pushed in the previous deployment somehow. Strange either way, but fixed now.

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I regret to inform you that the first option is also usually the correct one

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choose one:

- feature is available and works
- feature is not implemented at all

please and thank you

god I am posting a lot this morning, you're welcome ig

re: linuxposting, gaming 

maybe this is something I can fix myself, haven't looked into it too much

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