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The central insight of #zfs and imo what makes it have totally bananas behavior if you don't spend time tuning it, is that the engineers designing it very clearly said to themselves: what would page tables for hard drives look like? And then set about implementing exactly that.

This is distinct from almost every other filesystem that said "how can we marginally improve on b-trees" and then did that with varying levels of success.

OPSEC/ADHD shitpost 

Remember to randomize your hobbies every 6 months and between public-facing identities.

cursed food shitpost, dolls 

Drinking a sharp one (a bottle of balsamic vinegar) with the dolls

re: pda, Dragon/kobold 

She took a picture of me doing a :3c and said it's adorable.

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pda, Dragon/kobold 

Dragon: trying to take picture of me
Me: leans forward
Dragon: I just got it into focus!
Me: :3c
Dragon: You're lucky you're cute.

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BREAKING: Is the "fediverse" a hostile place for those looking to embrace and extend the commons? Landlords, book publishers, performing rights groups and other parasites say they've been met with a tough crowd and harsh words.

re: actually re: koboldposting 

The Dragons have woken.

A Dragon: "She only ripped up two pillows, knocked over one thing in the kitchen, and ate a little trash. That's it. That's a good kobold!"

The other Dragon: "That's a good kobold!"

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actually re: koboldposting 

Kobold is letting the Dragons have their rest but may go get a book.

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Kobold that bounces around waiting for at least one of the napping dragons to wake up to play with it.

clarification/reassurance? re: angel/bpd shitpost 

I forgot to cw that as a subtoot, but it's not about anyone on fedi & the person it is about watched us draft it.

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angel/bpd shitpost 

Breaking News: This person who loves me very much and has loved me for a while, in fact, does not hate me.

Also she says she loves me.

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Being a familiar is so fucking gender!! c:

ph re: [dollposting] 

In other news, we have eczema and should moisturize more xp

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Combat doll that's been working on being less verbally abrasive

And is now working on refinishing/polishing its surface to be less physically abrasive

family (~), kobold/dragon (+) 

Hiding behind my Dragon as she puffs up her wings to protect me (calls my parents to ask them to give me some space)

We posted another kobold mood on the other account, but also consider-

Protective kobold wrapping its tail and little wings around its dragon as much as it can reach

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Thiago said, “It’s a security unit. A bot/human construct.” Target Leader didn’t seem to believe him. “Why does it look like a person?” I said, “I ask myself that sometimes.”

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I got #nerdsniped over on the bird site with the knowledge that one can build a #statemachine to do a one-pass check if a number is divisible by some pre-set number. (Which means there is a #regex for each of these state machines)

Basic principle is this, using division by 3 in base 10 as an example:
* have a state for each possible remainder: 0, 1, 2
* for each state, we make transitions for each possible input digit
* to do this we multiply the state's number by the base, add our input digit, then calculate the remainder of that, producing the end of that transition. E.g. for state 2, input digit 5, we multiply 2 by 10 (20) add 5 (25) then calculate the remainder (1) So there's a transition from 2 to 1 for the input digit 5.

The full machine for dividing by 3 in base 10 is attached.

In base 10, there's a handy trick to determine if some random number is divisible by 3: add up all the digits, and if the resulting sum is divisible by 3, the original number is divisible by 3.

You can also build a state machine for this trick, which ends up being the exact same state machine as the one produced above.

This means that my two favourite number tricks are actually the same number trick!

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