If you don't look all around you, up and down twice before rolling your office chair backward, do you REALLY have a cat?

Top tip: when you're tempted to bookmark something later, resist. Do it immediately.

On a related subject - can someone point me to the study that suggests only a tiny number (<10%?) of folks actually TDD their code despite claiming to? Thanks. And d'oh! 🤦‍♂️

It doesn't happen often at work but some days you hit where Scala really shines: concurrency. Don't even bat my eyes at tackling thorny concurrency problems. Cats-effect + their docs + reading through implementations on Queue, single-fibered, etc. get you very, very far. Ref + Deferred state machines. Easy to spot errors in code review. Pleasant.

Reith Lecture- Freedom of Speech 

I really enjoyed this lecture, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie basically summed up many of my own ill-formed thoughts on many aspects of social media and freedom of speech.


New favourite examples of Church encoding:

* blog.reverberate.org/2021/04/2
* sillycross.github.io/2022/11/2

The traditional bytecode interpreter is a loop containing a switch over bytecode. I.e. structural recursion over an algebraic data type in FP speak.

The improvement is to transform the representation into one function per bytecode op + mutually tail recursive calls. I.e. a Church encoding!

Have any Apple folk had issues with Ventura? It seems to be working okay on my laptop, but I've been reluctant to install it on my main work machine.

Bad news—it seems @Twitter just updated its misleading info policy that #COVID19 misinformation will no longer be enforced. The 11k accounts that were suspended under the old policy will soon be restored. Twitter's data shows 11,000 accounts were suspended under the #COVID misinformation policy— with almost 100,000 pieces of content were removed since 2020.

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Do you have a personal blog? Tech blog? Developer blog?

I want to see it. Share your #blog links. Boost this for reach and boost the blogs people share. Let’s build some audiences.

#blogging #blogger #TechBlog #TechBlogger

Is there a way to add another column when using advanced web interface?

What are all the different ways to "limit the blast radius" of new #product ideas? We can reduce the number of people exposed (feature flagging, test markets, opt-in, etc.) and/or we can reduce the size of the change. Is there anything else I'm missing?

I am super glad to see that #fs2-data gets preliminarily support released for #http4s. A huge thanks to Yannick, who worked on this, and to Arman and @ross who helped him in this task. It is nice to see the project included in other ones! I hope it will help more users to work with it. github.com/http4s/http4s-fs2-d

Yesterday the creator of the #python language, Guido van Rossum, tweeted about The Origins of Python, an essay by his mentor, Lambert Meertens. It is a magnificent article. If you're passionate about Python, and programming languages in general, make sure to read it.


When I turned 70, I thought, “Well, that’s it. I’ve had a great career, but it’s winding down.”
Boy, was I wrong. I found social media, and then a second wind at my sails in my 70s! I made my Broadway debut at 78, and I’ll make my London debut at 85.
Life is truly wonderful and magical.

If you’re in London, come see me in Allegiance starting in January. Tix here: allegiancemusical.com

@channingwalton The most mind bending thing about borrowing in Rust to anyone coming from Haskell and friends is that `Fn(A) -> A` and `Fn(&mut A)` mean exactly the same thing as far as immutability goes.

Investigation of the effect of COVID-19 on sperm count, motility, and morphology (Medical Virology, Nov 2022)

Men who have been infected with COVID have one third less sperm compared to uninfected men more than 3 months later. Of 100 men who were infected and not hospitalized for COVID four had no viable sperm. Of 100 men who were not infected, none had this condition.

#Covid #science


I just discovered the Jetbrains Rustlings course that uses IntelliJ's Edu Tools.

Its rather good.


Right! Got it. I was getting confused by move/borrowing and mutability, in the rust tutorial.

Getting clearer.

Of course, mutability is evil and must not be used … except when it must be.

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Are you one of the 1/100 developers who claim they refactor their code who actually does?

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