16 year old: im 16
me: ok
16 year old: i was born in 2004
me: What

More . The following is actually true (unlike every other post here): GHC used to have a bug where it deleted code files that didn't type check. Call that garbage collection if you will.

computer science as a field is just people saying "don't do that thing", other people do that thing, and then 20 years later the naysayers were right

if xml is so good then why haven't they made yml?

instead of using lorem ipsum text, just use text about lorem ipsum

Hi types.pl! I'm looking forward to sharing what I'm working on with Smalltalk and HyperCard, and finding out whether or not this is specifically a _static types_ instance 😄

PL papers: "C, a low-level language"
OS papers: "C, a high-level language"
security papers: "C, the bane of my existence and the cause of everything bad in the universe"


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