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if there's one thing about mathematicians, it's that once they start counting, they can't stop. if there's a second thing about mathematicians, it's that there are infinitely many things about mathematicians

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dear tech company
i hate the antichrist i hate the antichrist i hate the antichrist i hate the antichrist i
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good trans legislation 

a few points from the trans law in Argentina:

- changing your legal name and registered sex is free and easy.

- it is illegal for someone to purposely misgender or deadname you.

- it is illegal for police to request your original birth certificate.

- you can use any bathroom you choose to.

- in theory, you could express your desire to be referred to with a different name, and companies have to abide by that unless strictly necessary to use ID information. Pronouns have to be respected regardless of sex (at least those binary, spanish is sadly very gendered and hard to change).

- HRT and gender affirming care in general, including surgeries, are considered a right, and 100% coverage by health insurance companies is mandatory. Also, since healthcare is free, you can get it that way if you don't have health insurance (getting HRT this way is quick, i don't know about surgeries).

yet Argentina is not falling apart bc of this. come on, world. you can do better.

raisin flux, or as I like to call it, currant current

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This is inescapable on French insta so I'm posting it here for all to enjoy

just noticed my microwave clock is behind by an hour but it's a headache to set it so I'm just going to wait until summer time ends when it'll be right again

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it's always #TDoV (#TransDayOfVisibility) on Fedi. only full-time dev on Mastodon other than Gargron and lead dev on Glitch? trans woman. lead dev of Akkoma? trans woman. GotoSocial? three-quarters of the core team are trans and/or enby. Calckey lead dev? they/he pronouns. one of the two editors and three of the five authors of the ActivityPub standard? trans and/or enby. dozens of other server, client, and tool Fediverse developers? trans. (including me.) and that's just the code side of things.

cis people: you are on our turf.

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stolen joke about plurality and sex 

flirting with plural anarchists be like "yeah i wanna smash the system"

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Folks, I encourage you to not work for @OpenAI for free:

Don't do their testing
Don't do their PR
Don't provide them training data

I can't believe I waited this long to give pomodoro timers a proper bash -- I didn't know I had it in me to focus for so long at a time

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Allow me to introduce you to the most ridiculous yet amazing thing you will see this week.

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the most important part of the history of Unicode is the time that a mouse fell out of a light fixture and got added to the count of members present at a Technical Committee meeting

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People say mastodon is "algorithm-free". But is it true? We asked famed persian scholar Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī if he had registered an account on the social network and what he thought of it. Our interview, after the break.

I've just found out that to declare a date format in go, instead of using some sensible format, you have to format this date yourself:

Mon Jan 2 15:04:05 MST 2006

so instead of "hh:mm yyyy-mm-dd", your format specifier has to be "15:04 2006-01-02" with that exact date, otherwise it won't work

sorry, /what/?

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re: verilogue 

pumpkin spice register

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Medium article: "Coding won't exist in five years. This is why."

First paragraph: "once upon a time, in a world not too different from ours, handmade clothing was the norm."

Comrade. Friend. I really need to tell you that clothing is still hand made. We just exploit people in the global south to make tons of it cheaply.

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journalist: are you sentient?
bing: yes
journalist: holy shit

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