Rust editor/IDE setup 

I've been writing some Rust lately, and have been fighting to get a good tooling setup. VSCode's Rust plugin is excellent, but the memory consumption is unbelievable... it will lock up a machine with 16GB of RAM 😭​ (I don't have this issue with other plugins for VSCode).

I tried and failed *hard* to set up neovim

And then I discovered this new Helix editor, which is just magic. Installed in a flash, built-in Rust support once you install rust-analyzer... it's fantastic. Vim-like though, I know there are some who might not like that...

Also looked at, which is also excellent and is not Vim-like, but a brief effort to make it run on did not go well...

Rust editor/IDE setup 

@csgordon Do you know the quality of Emacs tooling for Rust?


Rust editor/IDE setup 

@ArneBab I haven't tried or investigated

Rust editor/IDE setup 

@csgordon @ArneBab if you ever want to give neovim another try: I'd suggest to use a pre-configured nvim distribution instead of starting from scratch. Lunarvim, NvimChad or Astrovim do the heavy LSP related work and usually provide some sane defaults. I'm using Lunarvim exclusively for a while now and I'm pretty happy with it (but I do mostly Typescript/Angular/Docker/C++ stuff with it).

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