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I am a PhD student in University of Valencia. My soon-to-be topic of expertise is Singularity theory, with a main focus on analytic and contact geometry.

My goal is to further the understanding of the underlying topology of proper frontals (ie maps that admit a "canonical" global normal bundle via integrable systems), and try to establish results that do not require the use of contact geometry.

I also develop libraries for the Oscar project and Singular.

I just misread a box labelled "30 tampons" as "3D tampons" and I was like... are sanitary pads 2D tampons?

I used one of my favourite comic strips to see if I configured the printer correctly in my computer. Set the size too big, and now I have wasted tons of ink on a silly

I'm going to be really blunt here: if you don't care about trans people, if you even remotely think there's the slightest hint of merit to the blatant genocidal actions that are going on in the US right now, you can fuck right off from my projects, spaces, and communities.

I don't give a fuck about "tech shouldn't be political" garbage takes. Tech is made by people and right-wing legislators in the US are trying to *kill* my colleagues right now. There is no tech without people.

No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it. -- Peter Drucker

Another Monday at work, time to get angry at a bunch of scribbles I made in my whiteboard!

Time to go to campus and repeatedly make up recursive functions to get mad at

Last November I deleted all my Tweets. Every single one. I then ran Redact and deleted all my likes, my media and retweets.

38k tweets gone

For six months I've had sub 5 tweets online

Woke up today to find 34k of them Twitter who presumably brought a server farm back up.

Now re deleting

This shows why you should NOT be using Twitter, ever

Please boost

Addendum: if you are affected please follow me here and post details of your experience.

Am in touch with Twitter.

I could probably hack something together if I had an entire week with nothing to do. The problem is mostly that I need to find out how to do things I more or less know how to do in Singular.

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It has been months since I last made any progress on my code. But then again, Oscar is still in an alpha state...

I made a pop-up card that spins as you open it!

It uses a geometric mechanism invented by an unknown student at Musashino Art University in 1988! Instructions here:

I addmittedly have little background in Riemannian geometry but, I have always wondered what $f$-relatedness represents. I know there is a conservation property for Lie brackets, but it is not like I really recall much about them beyond measuring how non-commutative two given vector fields are. And I fail to see what that says about $f$-relatedness…

I'm back to reading more and it's so fun! Every article I read points at least at one more I want to have a look at in the future!

No matter how many times you read and re-read your draft, reviewers will find more typos and silly mistakes.

I have genuinely tried to solve these exercises by hand, thinking that it was only fair for me to do it since students would have to solve them by hand, and my conclusion is that computing curve invariants is sponsored by big pen to sell more pens.

The number of milliseconds in a day: 5^5.4^4.3^3.2^2.1^1

You could argue that I am technically doing algebra since they are algebraic manipulations but what’s the difference between 3x*x and 6*2?

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i’m at a point where i just use mathematical for any and all calculations because i have stopped trusting my own ability to do simple arithmetic

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