1000 out of 1200 kids in this school in #Oulu, #Finland, arrive by #bicycle, even in winter. 100-150 walk, rest by ski, kicksleds and car. This day it was -17°C, some days it can be colder than -30°C.

Note that this is only one of the four bicycle parking areas of this school 🤗

#Wintercycling #MeanwhileInOulu

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a seal and a sea lion then HAVE I GOT THE CHART FOR YOU.

2022. The misogyny.
The world needs MORE leaders like these two intelligent women.

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Watch NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern pick apart this reporter's question during a joint press conference with Finnish PM Sanna Marin. He asked the pair 'are you two meeting because you're similar in age and got a lot of common stuff there?'
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Yes, I’m masking up wherever it’s smart to do so. I actually never stopped, because it never stopped being smart for me, my family and my community. No, we don’t “hate masking” because we quickly got used to it & never got “un-used” to it. It’s an overstatement to even call it an inconvenience for us. #WearAMask #Covid19

Villo! is the public (e-)bike system in Brussels.

The cost of entry is remarkably low: €1 per day or €3 per month for unlimited half-hour rides (€4 per month for e-bikes).

Why? They know the larger purpose of bikeshare isn’t to make their city money; it’s to save them money.

This was a choice, not by the person walking but by the decision makers who despise them.

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US politics 

A "real" centrist would find the Democrats too conservative, and would NEVER vote GOP.

The "centrism" as used in is "average of GOP and Dems", which is not moderate.


After dumping #Helsinki’s car-centric 1968 plan, the #Finns embarked on a decades-long campaign to slow motor vehicles. “In the 1970s it was normally 50km/h in cities; then in 2000 it went down to 40km/h. Now more than half our urban streets have a 30km/h limit.”

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Reblog this toot if you think that George Takei @georgetakei should go on twitter and convince Mark Hammel to migrate to Mastodon.


The lovely sound of morning rush hour in a cycling city (only disturbed by a motorcyclist crossing the bridge illegally...).

➡️ Dangerous Ideology
Bottom ➡️ Freedom

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As a Canadian this news segment is just wild....

(In Dutch...thanks YouTube auto-caption + translation)

The main thing that makes it hard to have nature and green in cities isn’t density of buildings or density of people — it's density of CARS. And the better you’ve designed the density of people and buildings, with real multi-modal choices, the fewer cars you need.

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I am generally strongly in favour of the right of different groups to secede from a larger nation (i.e., if Quebec actually voted strongly in favour they should be allowed to leave).

I think it is often a bad choice, but ultimately, while I have my opinion, it should still be up to the people in a place to decide.

Here's the big question...should a Nation likewise have the right to excommunicate a region itself. Like, if we all (i.e., a super-majority of Canada) decided we were better off without Alberta, could we force them to separate? I'm not sure yet if that's a good thing or not, but I am tempted...

Good, naive people are so dangerous …. Former executive who said Twitter safer under Musk reverses position


“Hell is other people.” — Jean-Paul Sartre.

“Traffic is other people.” — every driver.

#cities #traffic #congestion #urbanism

Here’s the thing — If you HAVE to drive, or even just WANT to drive, it’s in your best interest for public transit, walking & biking to be as attractive as possible to EVERYONE else. It means everyone else can take up a lot less space to move.

If everybody drives, nobody moves.

#cities #mobility #cars #bikes #transit #urbanism #transportation #cityplanning


Alberta is a highly seismically stable area. Earthquakes of any magnitude are extremely rare. This is a highly unusual event.

Of course, the area is also a hotbed of Oil and Gas extraction...so in an entirely different way, earthquakes are entirely expected.

Just one more way that the O&G industry imposes harm on the rest of society.

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If you think public transportation is a money-loser, wait til I show you the spreadsheet on car culture.

You will probably want to be sitting down for this.

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