As of recently, I've begun to work a bit on register allocation. It's been a fun journey to dive back into more practical aspects of compilers, especially the "more exotic" SSA-based register allocation. :)

Looking forward to benchmarking the stuff at some point, but the blog post will take some time, given it's low-priority in my work-queue.

Hey @joey, what's your opinion on the fully abstract embedding criterion that these guys proposed?
It's surely tough to scale to e.g. python, but it also surely seems like the criterion one may want to have.

I finally installed a TeX language server thing. Even though it's nothing compared to language servers for e.g. C++, Rust, or whatever, it's still an immense improvement in terms of quality of life:

Honestly, I wanted to type out some kind of list that shows what the killer features are, but the only two things I could come up with are:

  • abilty to go to a label's definition!
  • if parantheses are unmatched, i get a squiggly line

Still, much better living conditions. :')

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