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this account is supposed to be smaller and quieter than my main account @xnx38h. if i know you or you're on i will probably accept a follow request, otherwise you'll have better luck following @xnx38h

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sometimes i'm not doing anything interesting or worthwhile and then i realize there is something i could do that would be both interesting and worthwhile, and then i don't do it

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in cities with bad public transit do kids in middle/high school have to ride the school bus every time they have a field trip within the city

my favourite genre of wikipedia article is "List of (thing that there are a lot of)"

i haven't found a clear answer yet for why the unicode people found a doodle in one (1) old book and decided it needed to be a character

what's with every american city having a Broad Street

the tusky reply counters are kinda jarring

i keep not looking up how to cook things and then cooking the things wrong

people who live in apartment towers with giant windows love to line their living rooms with RGB LED strips

where are the rules for what the monarch can be. i want to look at them

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what if the king of england was burger king. like, the company

"number sign" is too long
"pound sign" is also £, which is actually used to mean pounds
"hash" can mean a bunch of different things
"octothorpe" no
"sharp sign" is incorrect, the actual sharp sign is tilted the other way

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people don't call the symbol the "hashtag" because they're too online or whatever they call it that because there wasn't a good name for it before

"table tennis" is such a pretentious name just say ping pong

i won't recognize charles as queen until he transitions

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