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this account is supposed to be smaller and quieter than my main account @xnx38h. if i know you or you're on i will probably accept a follow request, otherwise you'll have better luck following @xnx38h

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sometimes i'm not doing anything interesting or worthwhile and then i realize there is something i could do that would be both interesting and worthwhile, and then i don't do it

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poynting vectors? i thought all vectors did that

huh qt 6 is a thing

how long has it been a thing

i still have absolutely no idea how ipv6 works

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Oh boy GitHub is down time for a bunch of hot takes about how this would be solved by having 15 different other services I would need to make accounts for to file issues

oh no it's david putting way too much effort into a dumb joke time again

society if c just stored the length of the array with every array

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imagine if programmers started using Germancase instead of camelCase or snake_case or kebab-case or PascalCase

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there's something about looking at rectangles after you've been looking at circles for a while

i have been mentally calling it "the donker" for the past several months

the fact that dnf automatically updates repos every time you run it makes it a 1000x better user experience than apt

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Techbro shit 

"don't learn it if you want to just fiddle with it, it's not going to make you money"

"it's not a good language because you can't get a job with it"

I wanna scream at people sometimes

every time i try to do anything with strings in C i feel like i am shooting myself in the foot with every keystroke

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kwgt is really frustrating a lot of the time but i don't have the motivation to make my own widget properly

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