i invented a new number. it's called david's number


david's number is an irrational number that can be calculated to arbitrary precision as follows:

take the currently known decimal digits of david's number, then publish them as well as any more digits in a public place with a publicly verifiable timestamp (eg a fedi post. please don't use a blockchain) using the format: " is 0.7"

david's number is defined as whatever the most recent of these posts defines it as, provided that post used the correct previously calculated digits of david's number

to make things a bit easier to verify: to calculate new digits of , you must post on a fediverse instance that federates with types.pl, and a post is considered to be "before" another post if types.pl's post id for that post is lower than for the other post. if types.pl ever dies then i get to choose another instance

@david is 0.7979. also has it been proven that it's irrational

@david @ionchy I suppose if it turned out to be rational, then it would not be David's number

@elb if you look at the hashtag it's already been calculated to 0.79793141592653589793238462643384206938682867419999999999999991

@david Federation strikes ... from my server I only see the first couple of posts.

#DavidsNumber is 0.79793141592653589793238462643384206938682867419999999999999991117?

@david what if two people post at exactly the same time

@132ikl @david If it's two people on types then you can order by the post ID, but if someone outside of types joins in...

@ionchy @132ikl doesn't types still assign post ids to federated posts

@hazel @david @132ikl oh neat
where do you find the ID for outside posts?

@david @ionchy @hazel yeah but types's ids isnt specified in the definition and they arent timestamps

@ionchy then you get to choose the new instance

@ionchy @david what if you die and jon dies and types.pl die (at the same time)

@132ikl @david then you get to choose the new instance, steven

@ionchy @david since when did you have that power to delegate

@132ikl @david I think as the secondary delegate I get to choose the tertiary delegate

@david @ionchy @132ikl The delegation of duty should be handled in the same way as the digits imo

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